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You might have heard we have a super special cat girl in our care and that incredible girl is Whisk!

You might have heard we have a super special cat girl in our care and that incredible girl is Whisk!
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You might have heard we have a super special cat girl in our care and that incredible girl is Whisk!
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You might have heard we have a super special girl cat in our care and that incredible girl is Whisk! Whisk truly won the lottery when she found her way into the care of our friends at @trapdatcat + her amazing foster who would do literally anything to make sure this sweet girl had a fighting chance and they did just that. Whisk was born with a condition called Pectus Excavatum, which is when the chest is too flat or inverted to allow the heart and lungs to properly grow. Some kittens are able to outgrow it (like our kitty Jack Jack), but that wasn’t the case for Whisk. As she grew her breathing became increasingly labored. If she were allowed to continue to grow without surgical intervention her condition would have eventually been terminal. So on Monday Whisk went in for surgery at New Orleans Veterinary Specialists to have a chest plate sutured to her sternum to expand her chest wall allowing more room for her heart and lungs. Because of her size and the risky nature of surgery she did have a scary complication and suffered two episodes where her lung collapsed. Thankfully due to Dr. Coutin’s skills and expertise she was able to do a needle aspiration and stabilize her!

cat Whisk is now with us under strict rest and observation while her bones grow into the shape of the plate. If all goes well she will wear the chest plate for 4 weeks (longer if necessary) and then she will be ready for her forever home!

cat Whisk’s surgery was sponsored by a very kindhearted individual who wishes to remain anonymous, but if you’d like to make a donation please direct them to @trapdatcat to support their tireless work and so they are able to help the next kitty that needs them ♥️

Everyone involved in Whisk’s journey went above and beyond for her and we’re just so grateful we’re able to be one small part of her story. Whisk is not yet available for adoption as she is in the early stages of recovery, but she would love all of your good thoughts and well wishes.

& if you would like to learn more about Whisk’s condition please visit @kittenxlady’s website – @tomatofosterclub said.


cat Whisk is slowly learning how to get around with her chest plate. At first she would only lay down or flop over on her side (as many kitties do when you initially introduce them to a harness). Now she’s able to sit up and make her way to her food/water dishes and in and out of the litter box. Go Whisk!!! @tomatofosterclubcat said.


cat Whisk update 💓

While  cat Whisk is doing realllllyyy well keeping her kitten shenanigans to a minimum she was moving around a bit too much for our comfort in her big pen so we decided to move her to a quaint luxury condo with a lovely window view of the porch. You’ll also notice she’s sporting a new outfit gifted by her human mamas at @trapdatcat to help protect the bandage covering her chest plate, which is actually a bunny sweater how cute is that 🥺

Anyway! Whisk goes back to the vet next week for her two week check up and if all goes well she’ll have just two more weeks after that until she’s able to be a little kitty again!

Whisk is not yet available for adoption, but she would still love your well wishes and sweet thoughts through her recovery 🙏 @tomatofosterclub said.




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