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Why did she block the man right after he paid for their $500+ dinner.

Why did she block the man right after he paid for their $500+ dinner.
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Dating can lead to a variety of situations, ranging from happy to disastrous. Recently, a woman’s first date took an unexpected turn, and she made a decision that generated a lot of discussion on Reddit.

It all started when a man asked a woman out on a date and inquired about her favourite restaurant. She assumed it was a casual question until she said her favourite fancy restaurant. Later, in an effort to be mindful of their budget, she recommended a great-food, more reasonably priced Mexican restaurant for their date.

She saved her favourite restaurant for important events or times when she wanted to spoil herself. It was a particular location for her. She didn’t really care about the location of first dates; instead, she concentrated on getting to know the other person.


The man really wanted to test the meal, so he insisted on taking her to her favourite fancy restaurant even though she suggested a more laid-back place to eat. Together, they had dinner and enjoyed passed appetisers, entrées, beverages, and even dessert. There was some decent chat and a lovely evening.

But when the bill showed up, there was a moment of confusion. The woman hesitated and only decided to split the costs after the man made the suggestion; otherwise, they would have shared the price equally. She clarified her reasons by stating, “I hesitated and said it after he was saying it because he asked me out and also insisted we went there after he read the menu and really wanted to try the food.”

Typically, the woman would have liked separate checks for their first date in order to honour the man’s decision to pay for her lunch and to ease the payment problem. She put her card on the table as the individual invoices came. But the man took an unexpected action. After taking her card and promising to pay for both checks, he looked at it and said, “Oh, now I finally know your last name.”

The woman was uneasy in this situation, especially because she works as a barmaid and deals with cards on a regular basis. She was aware that having her card information committed to memory might result in fraud, identity theft, or other illicit actions.

She also thought the man was playing a mind game when he suddenly changed his mind about the bill, which irritated her. It seemed to her that he was putting her to the test to determine if she was a “golddigger,” even though she had specifically selected a less expensive restaurant for their first date.

After the meal, the woman thanked the man and went back to her house, but she made the decision to stop talking to him. She didn’t want to give him her last name because the experience had made her feel uneasy.

The woman changed her mind about what she had done after sharing her experience on Reddit and getting comments from other users. She gave the man the cash to cover her share of the payment. She explained that she would have been just as happy with a simpler supper at the Mexican restaurant and that she hadn’t forced him to eat at the fancy restaurant.

The woman’s story elicited differing responses from the Reddit community. Some agreed with her, saying it was appropriate for her to sever contact with the person who was uncomfortable for her. Others, on the other hand, said that she might have been overanalyzing the circumstances and that, in order to avoid giving the impression that she was merely looking for a free supper, she should have paid her share of the bill before blocking the man.

The narrative serves as a helpful reminder of the difficulties and dangers associated with dating, where awkward moments and misunderstandings can occasionally have unanticipated consequences.


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