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Whom the woman’s husband chose in the end

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A six-months-pregnant woman asked her husband if he could be more present and help her prepare for their baby’s survival. What her husband told her next shocked her.

A Reddit user asked others on the platform if she was being unreasonable in issuing an ultimatum to her husband, who had been largely absent for much of her pregnancy. She soon learned how dire her situation was.

The woman explained that she and her husband had been together for five years and married for six months. She was also six months pregnant when she turned to fellow Reddit users for advice.

The woman shared that her husband and his mother had an unusually close relationship, saying: “My husband is a complete mommas boy. He’ll call his mother for hours and talk to her and spend time with her more than he does with me.” However, her final straw was the event that led to her posting on Reddit.

What Happened Between the Woman and Her Husband?

When the woman reached the sixth month of her pregnancy, she asked her husband if he could be around more and help her prepare for the child they expected to welcome.

Her husband told her that being around more for her would eat into the time he had to spend with his mother. While the woman understood that concept, she explained that she needed him more than his mother did at that point, to which the husband replied:

“You know my mom comes before you.”

The woman was shocked by what her husband said but took it in stride when he left to go to his mother’s house. She then did everything she needed to do by herself.

While she prepared for her child alone, her mother-in-law phoned her and told her she had won. To make matters worse, as the mother-in-law bragged about her win, the wife could hear her husband laughing in the background. Although angry, she continued to go about her life as usual.

A few weeks later, it was the couple’s anniversary, and while the wife bought her husband a gift and prepared his favorite meal for the day, her husband had other plans for what to do with his time.

While she was in the bathroom, her husband returned from work and left again. She thought her husband might be planning a surprise for her, but when he had still not returned half an hour later, she phoned to find out where he was.

The husband confirmed that he was at his mother’s house, so she told her husband that his mother might as well be the one having his child, as he was acting as though he was in a relationship with her.

After she hung up, she got text messages from both her husband and mother-in-law, telling her that she shouldn’t disrespect her mother-in-law and that instead of being bitter and jealous, she should find something else to do. She turned to Reddit users to find out if she was in the wrong.

What Did People Say?

Soon after the woman posted her story, she updated it, thanking everyone who had sent her messages of support and told her she wasn’t wrong. She also admitted:
“I think my MIL is competing with me, and I might even have to give my husband [an] ultimatum because after reading these comments, things could only get worse from here.”

Many users told her she was entirely within her rights to assume that her husband would spend more time with his pregnant wife than he did with his mother and mentioned that he was in the wrong for not being more supportive.

Others said she should try speaking to her husband to find out why he spent so much time with his mother. When she did this, the husband told her it was because his mother was a particular person in his life.

The woman said she realized her mother-in-law had no intention of changing, and she seriously considered divorcing her husband. She told her husband that she would divorce him if he didn’t stop acting like he was married to his mother.

When the husband heard this, he began to cry and told her he would change. The woman was hopeful for her husband but knew she needed to talk to her mother-in-law, who only told her she would never win.

The woman clarified that there was no winning and losing and that if her mother-in-law continued to act as she was, she would not have access to her grandchild. She confirmed that her husband had also stepped up since her conversation with him.


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