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While it’s still Winter, be ready for Spring.

While it’s still Winter, be ready for Spring.
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Spring Mandala Free Crochet Patterns

This is my beautiful grandmother and also my teacher, today she turns 86, to celebrate we decided to post this work, she was ashamed, said that her work is simple, but made from the heart you can believe it!
her patterns:


While it’s still Winter, be ready for Spring.

Celebrate with these absolutely gorgeous spring mandala crochet patterns. While any one of them may seem fancy and complicated, non are particularly hard and will be a great way to get into the spring mindset. Each one is it’s own project, however they all share the radial symmetry and concentric textures that characterize mandalas. Also, they are infinitely variable in terms of colors, thus any combination of spring hues that matches your decor will be the right one.

Spring Daisy Mandala

With this in mind, this mandala used a central daisy theme combined with several textured layers of alternate stitches. Undoubtedly, it’s concentricity is one of the most striking things about it.

Mini Spring Mandala

On the other hand, this mandala is made most recognizable by the dense petals radially reaching out for the edges. So different, yet all so beautiful; that is the nature of mandala crochet patterns.

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