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What the woman did when her partner demanded money and an apology.

What the woman did when her partner demanded money and an apology.
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My Partner Learned I Rent Out the House My Dad Gifted Me & Demands 50 Percent of the Money

Once upon a time, in the placid suburbia of a small town, there lived a young woman who, at the age of 18, found herself caught up in an unforeseen web of drama that surrounded the two-story home she lived in. The property was a haven that had been given to her by her father, and she had made it into a dual-purpose abode by living quietly on the second floor while renting out the ground level to a renter for a modest sum of $500. Her father had given her the house as a gift.

Because of the high value of the property, the young woman kept the particulars of her status as a landlord a closely guarded secret. This was especially true when she invited her boyfriend of three months to move in with her. His living circumstances had been difficult, so her offer to let him share her space looked like the best possible solution to the problem.

They lived together in peace for a period of three months, taking turns paying the grocery bill and taking pleasure in each other’s company. The renter did not discover the landlord’s secret until the day that the freezer on the rented floor stopped working properly, which prompted the tenant to visit the landlord. The woman addressed the situation with composure and suggested repairing the appliance while assuring the tenant that she would be paid for the cost upon presentation of the documentation.


Unbeknownst to her, the boyfriend was present during this conversation and overheard it. Later, when he inquired about the status of the problem, he learned the truth. The information came to him like a ton of bricks, and he immediately exploded into a rage, accusing her of lying and labeling her as “evil.” The boyfriend’s animosity grew to the point where he sought a fifty percent share of the rental income, arguing that if she did not contribute to the funds, it would make her just as dishonest as he considered landlords to be.

The woman found herself at a crossroads after she refused to give in to the unfair demand that was being made of her. Her lover, who was overcome with rage and bitterness, made the decision to ignore her completely out of spite. The woman, who was beginning to feel trapped in the relationship, made the decision to terminate it and sought solace in her father’s unwavering support.

However, the reaction of her lover was even more surprising to her. During the altercation, he insisted on getting a cut of her earnings and wanted an apology from her. He also demanded that she apologize to him. She questioned his principles and reminded him of his contempt for landlords, which left him bewildered. She even suggested giving the money to a charity so that it could be used for housing, but his irrationality won out in the end.

As the conflict intensified, the girlfriend’s boyfriend made threats to reveal her deepest, darkest secrets, tried to punch a hole in the wall, and ultimately stormed out of the house, adamant that he never wanted to see either of them again.

After everything had settled down, the woman turned to the online community for guidance by posting her tale on the website Reddit. The vast majority of users took her side, pointing out both the folly of her boyfriend’s demands and the toxic atmosphere that had developed as a result of the situation. To assure her safety and give her some peace of mind, some people advised replacing the locks.

As a result, the woman emerged from this unanticipated chapter of her life more seasoned and resilient, bolstered by the emotional support of others who observed the injustice that had taken place. The two-story mansion, which had been a quiet witness to love and betrayal in the past, held strong in the face of turbulent emotions; the walls of the house echoed the lessons learnt in the search of honesty and self-respect.


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