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What the woman did so that her son cut all ties with her..

What the woman did so that her son cut all ties with her..
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A woman’s son completely cut ties with her after receiving punishment for his mean actions. Although the mom tried to make amends, the son had a condition the mom couldn’t accept.
When a woman divorced her ex-husband, Dan, she fought to gain custody of their son, Jack. It was a nasty custody battle, but she eventually got Jack, whom she raised in Texas with her new husband, Tom, and stepdaughter, Alyssa.

Over the years, Dan, a successful lawyer, tried to get Jack to move in with him in New York. However, Jack remained by his mom’s side despite not getting along with his stepfather.

The woman tried to raise her son to the best of her abilities, and she believed he grew up with a good heart. However, everything changed after his prom. Jack, one of the cool kids in his school, was persuaded to pull a prank on an autistic girl who had a crush on him.


Jack’s wrestling teammates formulated the idea for him to ask the girl to prom and show up wearing a gorilla suit. While Jack said no, his team still found a way to make it happen. They raised about $800 for Jack to pull the prank and paid for the gorilla costume. Eventually, Jack agreed.

After prom, the mom saw photos of her son in a gorilla suit during the evening. She was also surprised that his girlfriend, Jess, wasn’t his date. The mom learned what her son had done after reading the comments section. She said:

“To say I was furious doesn’t even do it justice. I woke Jack up as soon as I saw it and screamed at him until my lungs gave out. Then, when Tom heard what was going on, he joined in.”
Jack cursed at Tom, which angered the couple more. Jack was grounded for a month without his electronics as punishment for his actions. His mom also canceled his 18th birthday party and gave the car she purchased for his graduation gift to Alyssa.

She also forced Jack to give the $800 to her before she gave it to his date. She then made him write a letter of apology to the girl. His punishment was eventually labeled as “harsh.”
On Jack’s birthday, his father, Dan, picked him up and said he was there to get his son out of jail. He also bought Jack a Mustang, urging him to drive back to New York. The father and son high-fived, laughed, and ignored the couple.

Dan only spoke to his ex-wife to say, “Checkmate.” As they drove off, Jack cursed his stepfather yet again. Jack cut ties with his mother for nearly a year and lived like a prince with his father. Dan spoiled his son with money and experiences, while the mother was eliminated from Jack’s life.

The woman eventually contacted her ex, asking for help to mend her relationship with Jack. He arranged for Jack’s mom to come to New York. When she arrived, she saw her son, Jess, and Jonathan, Dan’s friend from the firm. She also noticed that Jess had an engagement ring on her finger.

Jonathan, representing Jack, claimed the woman stole over $800 from Jack and that she should return it. Until then, she should only contact Jonathan. However, the woman firmly believed she did the right thing for good reason.

“You locked me up in my room like a prisoner for a month, took the car bought for me with Dad’s child support money, took the money, and berated me for hours on end. Unless you’re going to give me the car, this is the only thing you can undo,” Jack said. Still, the mom refused to do it.

Jonathan then handed the woman a cease and desist letter and warned her not to contact her own son. As everyone else left, the woman asked Dan for a minute of his time. She wondered if

Dan planned everything to humiliate her.

He claimed he didn’t because he knew she would humiliate herself. Dan knew that the woman would choose her indignation over her own son, just as she did during their marriage. Dan said a part of him wondered if his ex-wife would ever choose love over her anger, and he knew in his heart she would not.

Dan ended the conversation by telling the woman that she had lost her son to the autistic girl. When she said she didn’t know the girl, Dan replied, “Sounds like a bad trade.” The mom also isn’t invited to her boy’s wedding.


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