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What the man eventually did

What the man eventually did
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Teenage son is kicked out by his parents, and years later, they want to live in his expensive house instead of him.


In some countries, kids are expected to do what their parents say. Some parents are so strict that they make their kids clean houses, wash cars, and iron everyone’s clothes so that they don’t get hit with a broom.

He had to do all of this and more for one man. Besides that, he had to follow his parents’ goals for his career. In the man’s family, being a doctor was the only job that was acceptable. They were doctors for a long time, and his parents wanted him to carry on the tradition.

But he told his parents he wasn’t going to be a doctor when he was 17. Instead, he told them he wanted to become an actor, work in social media, and start some small businesses. His parents didn’t like his idea. They threw him out of their family home because they thought he was up to no good.

They didn’t talk for 17 years. His family moved to the UK so that his brothers could go to medical school. His parents were very happy when their bigger brother got into a fast-paced, rare stream for surgery. He was a doctor who specialized in finding and getting rid of spinal tumors.

He was told by his family that they were going back to Sydney, where he lived, during the COVID-19 outbreak. This was chosen so that his bigger brother could look for a $750,000-a-year job.

In the two years they reconnected, his parents never asked him about his career. The man believed they assumed he lived an average lifestyle in Sydney.

His folks were right; he never became a famous actor. He did, however, find a new job as an investment banker and became a partner at the bank where he worked.

His parents found out one day that they couldn’t afford to buy a house in the areas they wanted to live in while house hunting with him and his brothers. They were doctors, but homes in northern Sydney cost more than $20 million, which was too much for them.

Before going out to dinner, they asked to see the man’s place when they were ready to end the night. They asked the man to come over to his house, and he did.

How His Parents Reacted to His New Home

Their first thought when they got to the man’s house was that he was renting a room in the beautiful house. When they asked him how much his rent was, he told them that he owned the whole place.

His parents couldn’t believe it. They were very angry and said he had been lying to them for years and meeting with them to show off his “probably illegally gained” wealth. Then they said they were going to live with the man instead of his older brother because they didn’t want to live in a worse house than his son’s.

The man laughed. He told his parents that they picked to take care of their other two kids instead of him. He also told them that living with his friends was a better option than living with him.

His parents then said they would cut the man out of their will, but the man just shrugged it off. “I reminded them of the fact that they can’t even afford to buy in my area, so their will and assets don’t really matter to me,” he said.

What Did the Man Pick?

The man’s parents wouldn’t talk to him after the bad chat. His brothers told him he should have told them about his money problems on his own, but he said he didn’t have to because his LinkedIn profile was public and they never bothered to look it up.

The man then asked himself if what he did was too harsh. After cutting him off for 17 years and only becoming interested in him when they found out he was rich, he didn’t feel like he had to help them.

If you were in his shoes, what would you have done? If you could go back and change something, what would you have done?


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