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What I did to reduce the bill

What I did to reduce the bill
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Girl Gets Boyfriend’s Medical Bill Reduced from $5000 to $26 — He Slams Her for Going ‘Too Far’

Following her boyfriend’s emergency room visit, a concerned girlfriend went to great lengths to reduce a hefty $5,000 hospital bill to just $26. However, despite her relentless efforts, the boyfriend criticized her for going “too far” in handling the situation.

A dedicated girlfriend took significant steps to address a substantial medical bill after her boyfriend’s accident landed him in the emergency room.

She shared her experience on Reddit, detailing the extensive measures she took to contest her boyfriend’s medical bill. Unfortunately, despite her intentions to alleviate the financial burden, she ended up being perceived as the villain in her boyfriend’s eyes.

Upon discovering the $5,000 bill after insurance, the girlfriend understood the impact it would have on their holiday plans. Still, she believed the charges were disputable.


Seeking her boyfriend’s approval to attempt bill reduction, she was given the green light to handle the billing dispute and access his medical records.

How Did the Girlfriend Successfully Reduce the Medical Bill?

The determined girlfriend began by requesting an itemized bill to scrutinize billing codes against fair prices. When her efforts to dispute costs with the billing department proved unfruitful, she escalated the matter to the administration office.

After struggling with the call center and feeling the need for the right person to assist with the bill dispute, she decided to take more assertive action.

Conducting a thorough LinkedIn search, she identified the hospital’s board of directors and upper management. Collecting approximately 30 emails, she spent 15 minutes daily drafting emails explaining her “client’s” overcharge, emphasizing the unhelpful billing and customer care department. These emails were sent to directors and copied to everyone from the board of directors, including a few investors.

Presenting the reasons for the overcharge and the poor service from the billing department, the girlfriend successfully reduced the bill from $5,000 to $26.

Excited to share the news with her boyfriend, she expected him to be thrilled. However, his reaction changed when he discovered the extent of her efforts — around 60 emails.

He criticized her for going “way too far,” expecting a conventional dispute through the billing department, not an extensive internet search and harassment of every manager, board member, and investor.

Despite saving $5,000 and enabling a pleasant holiday, the girlfriend questioned if she had crossed a line and sought advice from Reddit users.

Reader Responses

Many readers hailed the girlfriend as a hero, suggesting she turn her skills into a profession as an advocate. They deemed the boyfriend ungrateful and uninformed about the effort required to challenge a significant bill, especially when professionals in the healthcare system were uncooperative.

The girlfriend’s ability to substantially reduce the bill while facing backlash from her boyfriend puzzled readers. Those familiar with the challenges of disputing bills sought tips from her to handle their outstanding accounts.


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