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They are approximately 4.5 wk old kittens that I am fostersitting through

They are approximately 4.5 wk old kittens that I am fostersitting through
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Introducing Zigby & Quokka! They are approximately 4.5 wk old kittens that I am fostersitting through @apabottlebabies
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Introducing kittens Zigby & Quokka! They are approximately 4.5 wk old kittens that I am fostersitting through @apabottlebabies

Zigby is the small black girl, she seems to have some faint tabby stripes and looks like a baby fruit bat 🦇
Quokka is a chonky tuxedo boy and he is round like his namesake! In case you haven’t heard of a quokka, it’s a cat-sized marsupial similar to a wallaby, known for being super cute 🦘. Check out his HUGE paws!

I don’t think these two are part of the same litter, but they love to wrestle, play, and snuggle. Welcome to Kamp Katie, little ones! @katieskittyfriends said.

kittens kittens kittens kittens kittens

Post-feeding snuggles with the babies!

Also, Zigby would like to share that she is a very good eater, she just still wants to be fed like a baby. Little girl went for 4 syringes full of gruel today! Just look at that 🥑 belly!

Quokka had zero appetite problems and is back to eating gruel from a dish. He is impressively tidy about it and grooms himself right away! I never have to touch up ☺️ @katieskittyfriends said.

kittens kittens kittens kittens

How it started… Vs how it’s going!

Zigby came with very little appetite yesterday, and she begrudgingly swallowed while being syringe fed. I struggled to get just a few ccs in her and ended up trying to feed hourly to make sure she was eating. Something clicked in the evening, because she started doing very well with the syringe after I figured out she wanted to drink from it like a bottle! She even clutched at it with both paws!

Quokka was already almost completely transitioned to plate-feeding gruel, but he needed a little supplemental syringe feeding last night as he wasn’t interested in what I was serving. However, his drinking style is super chill— paws crossed and just enjoying his dinner.

Zigby had a big appetite this morning and finished all the gruelshake I had prepared for her! She surprised me during the afternoon feeding by diving in to the gruel dish straightaway, so I let her feed herself. Dinner time resulted in both kitties drinking politely from their own dishes. I am so proud of both of them!

Now, we just have to work on the 💩💩 problem…

Disclaimer: in the first pic I am holding her by her little shoulders, not her neck! @katieskittyfriends said.

Ok sir… please stay still…

Foster fact: Did you know that growing kittens needs to be weighed to the gram to ensure they eat enough? Currently we do this for every feeding, both before and after! @katieskittyfriends said.

Quokka spotting! @katieskittyfriends said.

Synchronized feeding!

Look how far we’ve come since Friday! Not only are they both consistently eating gruel from the dish, they both have lovely table manners, especially my sweet Zigby 🥰. They even do a good job grooming themselves after eating! I just give them a little wipe around the mouth and paws and we are good to go 🙌🏻 @katieskittyfriends said.
This kid 😅 @katieskittyfriends said.

Did you know that kittens don’t automatically know to drink water? 😳😳😳
So, we’re introducing the foster babies to this concept… and we’re making progress!

Here at Kamp Katie, we take hydration very seriously, especially during the summer! Did you know that kittens don’t automatically know to drink water because they get most of their fluids from milk and wet food sources? I’m introducing both kitties to water everyday, giving them a little taste from my finger and seeing how they react to the water dish! So far both babies have dipped their faces in tentatively, and sometimes Quokka dips his toes too, but we aren’t quite ready to dive right in! @katieskittyfriends said.

Chillin with Zigby

This sweet baby batgirl has my heart 🥰… she is the gentlest little kitten and loves being cuddled, face massages, and being told she is a good girl. She’s also very good at giving kisses!

Zigby and I have come a long way from Friday, when she really didn’t want me to syringe feed her. She’s now a great eater and has gained a solid 80g from Friday, putting her at a solid 564g now! She’s almost big enough to follow Quokky in his jailbreaking footsteps 😂 @katieskittyfriends said.

Single purrito? Or double purrito? @katieskittyfriends said.







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