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These kitten babies are in ROUGH shape. Not only do they have ringworm

These kitten babies are in ROUGH shape. Not only do they have ringworm
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These kitten babies are in ROUGH shape. Not only do they have ringworm, but they are also quite underweight for their age, along with some pretty painful-looking hind ends caused by urine and fecal scalding.
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Please welcome my very first kitten ringworm fosters! The Krusty Krewe is probably the most challenging case I’ve taken on so far. These babies are in ROUGH shape. Not only do they have ringworm, but they are also quite underweight for their age, along with some pretty painful looking hind ends caused by urine and fecal scalding. @fostermotherofkittens said.

kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten

It is tough to get a good picture of Sandy, because alll she wants to do is hop up in my lap and beg me for the ✨forbidden kissies✨

This little love bug is also responding very well to supportive care. Pearl and Sandy both have very distinct meows, and I can hear Sandy yelling for me every time I walk past the fungal jungle (the guest bathroom 🙃). Despite how crummy they must be feeling, they are still so full of love and curiosity. 😍🥰 @fostermotherofkittens said.

kitten kitten

My face when someone tries to talk to me before my coffee ☕️

Pearl seems to be perking back up with some extra supportive care and attention. We still aren’t entirely sure what these guys have going on, but we aren’t giving up on them. Although she is eating, she still feels like skin and bones. She was moving quite slow the past few days, but seems to respond well to B12 and subcutaneous fluids. Last night she was feeling well enough to hop up into my lap for some snuggles. @fostermotherofkittens said.

I am hopeful we are moving in the right direction 🤞🏻

kitten kitten kitten

Pearl just stretching her perfect little ringworm leggie 🥺

This champ hit 1.8lbs last night!! 🎉 @fostermotherofkittens said.


Oh, Sandy. I wish you knew badly I want to kiss your sweet little face 😭

This little ginger snap has the loudest purr and the funniest personality. She just hit 1.9lbs last night 🎉 @fostermotherofkittens said.

kitten kitten kitten

Pearl is just over two pounds and doing very well!!! I’ve noticed hair growing back on a majority of her bald spots. She is a little more shy than her sister, Sandy, but she is starting to really warm up to me. She is a curious little turd, and is making me constantly stay creative in my tactics to keep her off of the counter and away from the door, but we are figuring it out!!

We are flying through laundry detergent from running a load of ringworm laundry every day, so if you are in the position to help, we could really use it. I have added detergent to our Amazon wishlist which is linked in my bio! @fostermotherofkittens said.


It’s much easier to see on Sandy where the hair loss from ringworm was and where the new hair is growing. The second photo doesn’t really do it justice, but you should know I’ve been happy dancing for about a week once I realized her hair is coming back. I am so happy to see these babies bouncing back from whatever was causing them to feel so awful. I am absolutely in love with these two precious fungus sisters.

Sandy is ALMOST 2.5lbs now, and I am so proud of her and her goofy little personality. @fostermotherofkittens said.

kitten kitten

This afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of reuniting the little girl we’ve been lovingly calling “bag o bones” with her sisters. We even got to reunite them with their other sister, Seema, who’d been separated from the litter early on when she was declining.

I can genuinely say that when I packed Bones up to send her with @tomatofosterclub I didn’t think I’d see her again. She left the morning that we lost Murphy 🖤 Seeing her again, looking so much better, makes my heart so so happy.

Now that she seems to be stable enough, we have decided to reunite all the fungus sisters so they can keep each other company while they kick the ringworm and get big and strong so they can go on to become someones best friends ☺️

For reference, the last pic is a photo of the first night I had her, and the video was taken the morning she left. So yes, she still looks rough, but she is clearly feeling better, and she’s got a whole lot of people rooting for her 🥰 @fostermotherofkittens said.

I still can’t believe these things are all from the same litter. Please enjoy a moment of chaos in the fungal jungle 😊 @fostermotherofkittens said.




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