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Super Easy Crochet Knitting Pattern (video tutorial)

Super Easy Crochet Knitting Pattern (video tutorial)
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Super Easy Crochet Knitting Pattern (video tutorial)

I made this beautiful blanket for my grandson. It took me the whole nine months of his pregnancy. I can tell he liked it, but my son-in-law said it looked awful and I’m not even good at crocheting. I was too sad. My daughter supported me and I will make a new pattern.🥰
Free pattern here:

Hello everyone welcome to online  Easy Crochet Knitting Pattern These are some of the most beautiful popcorn Easy Crochet Knitting Pattern square crochet patterns.

Some of them are already popular while some are new, modified designs you’re going to love for sure. Crochet granny squares are one of the most well know and useful patterns each and every crochet  enjoys to work with.

There are many different ways to transform and tweak the crochet square. You can use color changing, different stitch techniques and of course, various flowers motif just like this one here.

If made every single stitch properly, you’ll get this kind of adorable square. You can expand upon the design to make various decorative and useful items, from blankets to accessories like bags or pouches.

This is a new, a bit modified popcorn flower square design and free tutorial with step by step guidelines. Watch this free video tutorial in translated English subtitles to learn how to make thisEasy Crochet Knitting Pattern  for beginner level.

Super Easy Crochet Knitting Pattern


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