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Stuffed cheese shells

Stuffed cheese shells
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Stuffed cheese shells for dinner. It’s always a big hit in my house.
Jumbo shell -boil first
Spaghetti sauce
15 oz ricotta cheese
Full recipe here


° goliath bubble – bubble first

° spaghetti sauce

°15 ounces of ricotta cheddar

° 8 ounces of ground mozzarella

°1/2 c ground new parmesan

° 1 egg

°1 t of parsley

°1 cup of basil

° 1 tsp thyme

° salt

° Newly dark pepper

° garlic


Stage 1

Blend every one of the fixings referenced above with mozzarella cheddar.

second step

I put the sauce in the container, pour it over the sauce and top it with mozzarella (I utilize a decent capability frozen yogurt scoop).

Stage 3

Put foil on top, set stove to 350 additionally heat for 25 mins and eliminate foil and prepare for another 5 mins.


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