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Old Fashioned Cream Pie

Old Fashioned Cream Pie
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My Grandma Made this ” Old Fashioned Custard Pie “, y’all help me make her day with compliments …Thanks
1 unbaked pie shell (I use Marie Calendar deep dish)
3 large eggs
½ cup of sugar
½ teaspoon of salt
Full Recipe:::


°1 uncooked tart shell (I utilize a Marie Schedule thicker style)
°3 huge eggs
°½ cup sugar
°½ teaspoon of salt
°½ teaspoon of nutmeg
°2-2/3 cups of milk
°1 tsp unadulterated vanilla concentrate

*The most effective method to get ready:

-Preheat stove 350 degrees. Delicately beat your eggs, then adding sugar, salt, nutmeg and milk.
-Beat well and sparingly in the uncooked pie shell. Prepare for 35 to 40 minutes.
-Removing from stove and let cool down.
-Sprinkling top of pie with newly ground nutmeg likewise serving

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