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Nobody Wants To Adopt This Cute Kitten With A Squishy Face

Nobody Wants To Adopt This Cute Kitten With A Squishy Face
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Meet Kaya, a cute little cat with a face that can melt even the hardest heart.

Kaya was born with a congenital face deformity that causes her to appear mushy and cranky. Odelkis Barrera, founder of the TO Rescue (The Ontario Rescue), realized she wanted to save Kaya after seeing a photo of her unusual features.

A Good Samaritan saw Kaya outdoors in July and phoned TO Rescue for help. The 4-week-old kitten was dehydrated, emaciated, and flea and tick-infested.

The skinny little kitten gradually gained weight under the care of Barrera and Kaya’s foster parents, and her sweet personality began to show through. TO Rescue described her as “extremely outgoing and feisty” on Facebook. “She’s quite intelligent and simply wants to be around people and [be] held.”

Despite the fact that the one-of-a-kind kitten has gone through a lot in her short life, she has remained extremely friendly and lively. “She’s not only the prettiest kitten ever, but she’s also incredibly sweet.” “Everyone who meets her falls in love with her,” stated the rescue. “She gets along wonderfully with her foster homes, as well as other cats and dogs.”

“Her personality is out of this world,” Barrera told The Dodo. “All she wants to do is be patted, loved on, and caressed. She can’t get enough of you, so if you’re not petting her, she’ll pet herself against you.”

Kaya may be seen playing with her favorite toy in the world — a cardboard box — when she isn’t snuggling with her foster parents. “Kaya spends hours playing within her enclosure,” stated the rescue. “She certainly keeps herself occupied!” She’s such a sweet young child.”

Kaya’s sole wish is to find a loving permanent home. However, as she had not received a single application for adoption.

Kaya just underwent surgery to improve her vision and reduce some eye irritation. While her eyesight isn’t the finest, she’s figured out how to navigate around and can always tell when another dog, cat, or human is close, eager to play.

The rescue is baffled as to why anybody would pass up the opportunity to adopt this adorable, unique tabby to their household.

“We want a pleasant setting and a house where we can devote the time to her that she requires,” Barrera explained. “She would get along well with other animals; she gets comfort in seeing other cats and dogs and enjoys playing with them.” And she need someone who is committed to the long term.”


While Kaya is eager to find a loving permanent home, she knows she’s one awesome cat — even if the rest of the world is taking a bit longer to realize it.


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