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My grandma revealed the answer

My grandma revealed the answer
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Curious Objects That Baffle People With Their Looks & Purpose

Things can get confusing in a world of things not being what they seem. Each day, people find something they need help identifying and turn to the internet for help identifying their items.

Our world is filled with things that have specific uses. Most of these things we know what to do with. Yet a few items need to be clarified because they have never been seen or don’t look like they carry out the function they do.

Brass Garage Sale Buy

This person shared this picture and said their father had bought the items at a garage sale. The things were solid brass and were hollow on the inside. Neither the person nor their father knew what the object was.


Answer: The person received answers from many of the people who saw the post and found out that the items his father had bought were Mexican stirrups called “tapaderos” and were typical for cowboys in the South of America to use.

Strange Wooden Knob

One Reddit user posted on behalf of their friend who had received a strange wooden knob with spikes coming out of the bottom for their wedding. The gifter would not tell the person’s friend what the object was used for.

Answer: The user soon discovered that it was to hold cheese while cutting it, so you didn’t have to touch it with a bare hand. However, the mystery remained as to why the gifter wouldn’t tell the person’s friend what it was.

Online Shopping Mystery

An online shopper was confused when they placed an order on an online fundraising shop for cookies and got two strange objects in the box along with their baked goods. Although the person emailed the company to find out what the objects were, they had yet to hear back, so they turned to the internet.

Answer: A commenter clarified that they thought they were meant to be a gag gift. The person using them is intended to put the nude part around their ear so the white part sticks out, and it seems like the person has a Q-tip sticking out of their ear.

Austrian Objects

A traveler visiting Austria found a strange object on the road. They clarified that they were in Innsbruck, Austria, and had seen the phallic symbol on the road while walking around. They wanted to know what it was.

Answer: Netizens quickly came to the person’s aid, telling them it was a bollard that showed direction in Austria. Many people told the original poster that they could be seen throughout Austria.

Housewarming Gift Mystery

One person got a strange housewarming gift without knowing how to use it. It was a half marble and half wood item with two small dips and a tiny silver spoon. The person asked netizens if anyone had any idea what it was.

Answer: Netizens quickly recognized the item as a salt and pepper dip pot. The original poster said they had assumed it was for salt and pepper but thought it might have been too shallow for that.

Grocery Shop Gift

A shopper was unpacking the groceries they had bought from a local supermarket and had unpacked a strange item as a free gift. They wanted to know what the use of the item they received was.

Answer: The strange green item had a handle and a small but sharp hook. Netizens told the person who had received it in their grocery bags that it was used to peel oranges.
Tin Tube

A Reddit user shared an item she had found in an older woman’s jewelry box, which was hollow on the inside and open on each end. It appeared to be a small tube with an adornment on the front.

Answer: The original poster said it was made of something like and could have been tin. A netizen confirmed that it was to hold a scarf around your neck without tying it. Both ends of the scarf went into the tube, and you could pull it up to fit snugly around your neck.

Grandma’s Mystery Marble

A grandchild had seen a small, egg-shaped marble item at her grandparents’ house. It could stand on its own and fit in a person’s hand. However, the grandchild had no idea what they had found.

Answer: After a while, the original poster said they had asked their grandmother, and she told the person that it was a paperweight she had bought a while before she found it in their home.

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