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Lemon dessert

Lemon dessert
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My sister’s boy made his lemon dessert (aka lemon lush)😋 for his 14 birthday. Please be nice with him!!! he’s still learning from you. Thank you all…

Full Recipe:


+For the mixture:
°4 tsp unsalted spread
°24 squares of graham saltines
°¼ cup) sugar
+For filling
°2 egg yolks
°1 can improved dense milk
°½ jar of lemon juice


Set the broiler to 350°F for 180°C degrees.
In a 8-inch square skillet, spread the material paper (leave a touch of the paper hanging down the sides, this will assist the lemon with creaming squares stick out).
Then, take out the graham wafer. Then, at that point, add it to the food processor. Blend well until you see it is totally disintegrated. Then, at that point, add the sugar and liquefied margarine. Whisk the blend again until smooth.
In pre-arranged dish, adding disintegrated combination. Then, at that point, sprinkle this combination and press solidly into the base and 1 inch from the sides of the container to make a covering. Then, at that point, in a preheated broiler for 10-12 minutes, heat it or until you notice it has become light brown. Furthermore, put the covering to the side to cool totally in the container.
While the covering is cooling, set up the smooth filling. Then, at that point, adding consolidated milk and egg yolks to a bowl. Rush to smooth. You can likewise utilize an electric blender or a whisk. Then, at that point, add the new lemon squeeze and race until the combination is smooth.
At the point when you see the graham saltine covering has cooled, pour the smooth lemon filling over it. Then, at that point, prepare for 15 to 20 minutes in a preheated broiler or until the filling is cooked through and the hull is brilliant brown. Let the square of cream cool totally in the dish on a cooling rack. You can likewise refrigerate the lemon squares after they have cooled to room temperature; Makes Lemon Rich Squares more crunchy. Then, eliminate the lemon wedge from the container with the material paper connected and put it on a cutting board. Cut the lemon into 16 little squares or 9 huge squares.


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