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It was 27 years ago that Marie Osmond welcomed her son Brandon! 😮🧐 She shared rare footage of her heir and congratulated him on his birthday!

It was 27 years ago that Marie Osmond welcomed her son Brandon! 😮🧐 She shared rare footage of her heir and congratulated him on his birthday!
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Marie Osmond, a name synonymous with long-lasting talent and familial love, has a successful career and a loving family. Osmond, who is proud of her kids, recently took to social media to celebrate a special family milestone.

Known for her deep connection with her family, Osmond shared a heartfelt tribute to her son Brandon on his 27th birthday, showcasing the bond they share and the pride she holds for the person he has become.

Marie Osmond and sons Stephen, Michael, and Brandon (Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)


Celebrating Brandon’s Growth

On this joyous occasion, Marie expressed her love and admiration for Brandon with the caption, “Happy Birthday to my amazing son Brandon! I love you so much and am so proud of the man you’ve become!” This touching message resonated with her audience, reflecting the sentiments of any mother witnessing her child’s journey into adulthood.

Fans and followers joined in the celebration, commenting on Brandon’s handsome looks and marveling at how quickly Osmond’s children have grown. Their words echo the universal feeling of time passing swiftly, especially as children grow up.

A Mother’s Reflection and Loss

Osmond’s approach to motherhood extends beyond typical affection. She reflected on her family dynamics, including her adopted children, with a profound sense of purpose and destiny:

“They’re all really hard workers, and they are kind to each other and try really hard to be kind to people.”

Her words highlighted the values she cherishes and has instilled in her children, biological and adopted alike. Osmond added that as much as some of her kids are adopted, she can’t remember which ones because some of her adopted kids are like her more than her biological ones. She pointed out:

“I’m like, ‘I know why God sent you to me!’”

Her emphasis on kindness and hard work is evident in her previous birthday post for Brandon three years ago. Brandon rarely features on his mom’s social media, but Osmond made an exception, sharing a photo of her handsome young adult. In the picture, Brandon showcased his long pink locks with a subtle smile.

“Happy birthday to our incredible son Brandon… There is not a kinder soul on this planet, and I am so blessed to be your mama,” Osmond shared in the rare social media post, revealing her deep admiration for Brandon’s character and her gratitude for being his mother.

Aside from reflecting on her children’s success and happiness as they celebrate their birthdays, Osmond has also witnessed loss. Her son Michael died by suicide in 2010. Years after his death, the singer was still grieving the loss.

She described Michael as the joy and light of her life and the piece that glued her family together. Michael started using drugs at a very young age, and Osmond recalled that he was depressed and alone away in college.

Michael died by suicide just when he was clean and had started to become himself again. However, he was lonely and isolated. He called his mom and told her he was despaired and had no friends. “It was the first time I heard him start to cry,” Osmond recalled.

The singer told his son she would visit him on Monday. Sadly, Michael didn’t make it to Monday. He left a suicide note that detailed how he knew that Monday morning would be the last time he would wake up, brush his teeth, eat breakfast, make his bed, and get dressed. Osmond explained:

“He had made that decision, I guess. He loved his family, but … the pain was too intense.”

His death affected Osmond, and sometimes, when she thinks about it, she can’t breathe. It impacted the kids, too. Still, when the singer looks at her kids now, she wonders where Michael would have been if he were alive.

Eventually, Osmond had to learn to live with the loss of Michael. She found joy in the pain when her faith kept her going. Osmond is a strong believer that one day, she will see her son again, and that gives her the courage to move forward.

Instilling Values over Wealth

Osmond’s philosophy extends beyond nurturing; she is determined to instill resilience and a work ethic in her children. Firm in her decision not to leave her children an inheritance, Osmond believes in the power of self-made success. She noted that her wealth would go to a charity and not her kids when she died.

The singer believes her kids will be lazy if they are just handed over wealth. “Honestly, why would you enable your child to not try to be something? I don’t know anybody who becomes anything if they’re just handed money,“ she explains. This stance reflects her commitment to teaching her children the value of hard work and the satisfaction of earning their achievements.

Osmond further elaborated on her views, stressing the importance of work ethic over financial entitlement. She stated earlier that providing her children with a substantial inheritance might not be in their best interest, as it can deprive them of the invaluable gift of learning the importance of hard work.

Osmond’s approach to motherhood and her reflections on her children’s growth reveal a woman deeply committed to family, values, and the personal development of her loved ones.

Her recent birthday message to Brandon is more than a celebration of age; it’s a testament to the enduring bond and the values that bind the Osmond family together.


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