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Homemade Parmesan Cheese Spread

Homemade Parmesan Cheese Spread
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This stuff is addictive when you slather it on crusty slices of Italian bread. It uses ingredients that are the basis of so much of my cooking – fresh Parmesan, garlic, basil and olive oil.

You’d think I was Italian or something! I’m not but many years ago my husband swore that with enough garlic and olive oil I’d become Italian. My skin’s not olive yet but, after 25 years, I’ve become an honorary Italian. At least I’ve got the cooking down!


Parmesan Cheese, one big brick
Garlic, 6 to 8 cloves depending on how garlicky you want it
Olive Oil
Crushed Red Pepper
Fresh Basil Leaves


Crush and peel the garlic.

Cut the cheese into cubes or chunks.

Whirl the garlic in the food processor until it’s just barely chopped. Add the cheese.

Pulse until the cheese is coarsely crumbled.

Gradually pour in a bit of olive oil and pulse until it’s mixed. Be careful not to over process. The cheese should remain crumbled, not pureed.

Add a handful of basil leaves and a dash or two of crushed red pepper. Process for just a second or two, until the basil is mixed in. It should be chopped but not pureed.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight before serving.

Serve as an appetizer with crackers or sliced Italian bread.


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