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High country free camp: Victoria Falls, Victoria

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Victoria Falls Campground

Victoria Falls Campground is known more as a historical area rather than a waterfall – it was the site of Victoria’s first hydro electricity scheme. The history is interesting, but infrastructure was removed – just some concrete remains. Instead, park up and enjoy the serenity!

Victoria Falls Campground

This camp area has enough going for it, to visit in its own right. It has a beautiful little creek (see our video below) and bridge with picnic area, barbeques and toilet alongside.

Victoria Falls Campground

Plus you can bring your pets, it is located on the foothills of Mount Hotham – with tracks and trails in summer and snow at Hotham and Dinner Plain in winter!

Victoria Falls Campground

It is also free to camp here. There is camping at the top on the right hand side as you drive down to the creek. Further camping areas are along the creek, past the bridge.

Victoria Falls Campground

The camp is located just off the Great Alpine Road, with good access when we visited, and just 22 km to Omeo (a beautiful town to check out), and 35 km to Hotham Resort.

Victoria Falls Campground

On a side note, the site is close to 35 million dollar Cobungra Station – established in 1851 by the Gray family. Read more about the property – and you can even check it out at their annual Easter event – Dinner Plain Polo.

Victoria Falls - Cobungra station

Here’s some other camps close to the snow and ski fields.


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