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Golden retriever stumbles across a stray kitten, brings it home and adopts it

Golden retriever stumbles across a stray kitten, brings it home and adopts it
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When this golden retriever stumbled upon a tiny homeless kitten, he realized the animal needed help. It is not known what was going through this dog’s mind at the time, but he saw the kitten struggling to survive and wanted to help it.

The dog knew that if he picked him up and brought him home, his foster parents would give him much-needed help to survive. So, he didn’t think about it anymore and picked up the kitten with his mouth, then took it to where its owners were and put it in the family vehicle.

The puppy’s owners were surprised, but before acting they checked the entire area to see if they could find the cat’s family.

Golden retriever runs into a kitten and rescues it

Golde retriever se ball gatito

After several minutes they could not find a mother cat or other kittens, so they concluded that she had no family. Without a mother cat by his side, the kitten’s chances of surviving on the streets were slim, so they decided to bring him home.

dog and kitten

Once there, the dog’s owner fed the kitten through a bottle, to make sure it had enough strength and managed to survive. The little one needed 24-hour care, and luckily he had the help of this golden, who never left his side.

kitten eating

From the moment the kitten was rescued, the dog apparently wanted to adopt it, and as expected, it began to act like its mother.

This pair of animals have managed to form a very strong and adorable bond of love, so much so that it melts the hearts of people who know their story.

They eat from the same plate, snuggle, play, and even walk around the house together; They are two inseparable souls. The two really love spending time together, enjoying spending their days getting up to any kind of mischief or learning new feline tricks.

golden eating with kitten

Without a doubt, going from having little chance of surviving on the streets, to having a golden retriever take care of you, is a true gift for this kitty.

Golden retriever se ball

The kitten may not know about the act of love that the dog did, but surely he is very grateful for changing his life forever. At the same time, the adorable dog is happy to rescue and take care of his best friend and adopted son, and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.


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