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Free Camp at Green Hill Lake Reserve

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Tania and Barry White and family from Caroline Springs with grandparents Ed and Cheryl from Colac enjoying a 2 week stay at Green Hill Lake

A big thank you to Morris Allgood, from the committee who maintains the campground, for these photos and advising us of changes at Green Hill Lake Reserve, Victoria site 589 in CAMPS 10. When asked how long he has lived here, Morris said since birth! And he has 76 years of being a local, and was happy to share with us things to do and see when here. 

Green Hill Lake Reserve now has a free permit required for stays over 72 hours, valid 28 days – issued on site and available at certain outlets. Rangers visit the lake most days and are a great source of information regarding local events and tourist attractions.

Morris said, “There’s our playground, 3 free gas BBQs, hot water  in toilet block, hot showers and we’ve installed fire pits around the place. A 10 km new walk is planned. It is already 4.5 km – and going to be extended right round the lake.”

This is in addition to the 4km concrete path into Ararat – perfect for walkers or cyclists. Campers are requested to make a donation – isn’t good to know the money has been invested back into the making the reserve even better for campers and locals?

Said Morris, “The businesses in town do appreciate the campers. There’s no boating in the lake right now, as the water too low.”

Normally this tourist attraction is stocked with trout, but there are more options for you instead of fishing!

“Ararat locals love the lake,” said Morris. “The bird life out there is tremendous – there’s 50-60 types of birds.

“Just lately we’ve seen white plumed honey eaters – they jump on your rear view mirror – dozens of them. We’ve never had them before it’s just been in the last few weeks.”

If you like photographing birds, Morris says the lake is full of them, “Pelicans, ducks, swans – it’s incredible at the moment!”

He also said it is a wonderful spot to relax, “The whole place was planted with native trees. It is easy on the eye with mountains around and beautiful sunsets. With all the greenery and birds, people just love it.

“They come for an overnight stop and stay for days.”

He says the Grampians are half an hour away, plus there’s Mt Cole State Forest and Langi Ghiran State Park. You can take the Aradale Ghost Tour at the lunatic asylum and prison, J Ward Museum Complex, Langi Morgala Museum and the Chinese Gum San Heritage Museum.

Morris proudly states, “It’s usual for a town our size to have so many museums.”

In fact, Ararat has everything the traveler could want including a vibrant shopping centre with many restaurants, health facilities, sporting and leisure facilities including heated and outdoor swimming pools and well maintained national parks and gardens. Then there’s lots of wineries too!

This camp area is 19 km west of Buangor or 3 km east of Ararat. 500 m north of the highway. Turn at offical sign to the lake and cross railway line to the track.

Say hi to Morris, volunteers and the rangers – and tell them CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE sent you!

Campers right on the water at GHL. Campers select their own site to camp – there are no designated sites and no powered sites
Campers right on the water at GHL. Campers select their own site to camp – there are no designated sites and no powered sites
Kids at the GHL playground and the shady camping area behind them. Mount Langi Ghiran in the background
Green Hill Lake Reserve
Campers kyaking on GHL
Easter was a busy time at the Green Hill Lake, near Ararat, VIC
Easter was a busy time at the Green Hill Lake, near Ararat, VIC
Picnic area with free gas BBQs at GHL
Picnic area with free gas BBQs at GHL



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