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Ding Dong Cake

Ding Dong Cake
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These are excellent!!!! So easy and soooo good! Recipe is hard to find so here it is
The whole family loved it
Chocolate cake mix, I used one box.
A box Of cool whip.
A Pkg.Of softened cream cheese…..

°1 box chocolate cake mix
°1 package cream cheese (softened)
°3 cups icing sugar
°1 stick margarine (softened)
°1 container Cool Whip
°1 container of chocolate icing
°1 tablespoon of milk

Prepare cake as directed on box in 9×13 pan. When done, let cool 10 min. Then put on a cooling rack, once cooled, cut it in half, then put one half back in the bottom of the pan.
Make the icing. Combined soft cream cheese, 3 c powder sugar, 1 stick soft margarine, with mixer. Then adding fresh whisk.
Spread this over the cake layer in the pan, then put the other layer on top

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