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Ding Dong Cake

Ding Dong Cake
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Ding Dong Cake – Don’t Lose This
Chocolate cake mix, I used one box.
A box Of cool whip.
A Pkg.Of softened cream cheese.
°1 (15.25 oz) pack chocolate cake mix
°1⁄2 Cup Soft Butter
°Shorten the 2⁄3 Cup (such as Cresco)
°3⁄4 Cup of Sugar
°2 teaspoons vanilla extract
°1⁄2 glass of evaporated milk
°1 (16 ounces) Can slap chocolate candy
Bake the cake mix according to the pack directions using a 13 × 9 “frying pan at 325 ° F. The low temperature will help prevent the cake from the dome. Let the cake cool completely.
Once the cake is cool, whisk the butter, crisco, sugar, vanilla and evaporated milk in a high stand mixer for 15 minutes. The mixture will be light and fluffy. Distribute on the refrigerated cake.
Remove the lid from the frost box. Remove the foil seal completely (see notes if the foil is not completely extinguished). Put the frost box in the microwave for 15 seconds. Stir and microwave for an additional 15 seconds or until frosting.
Pour frost over the cream layer, spread in an equal layer. Leave at room temperature until frozen (about 2-3 hours) or refrigerate for 45 minutes. Slice and serve.
Enjoy !

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