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Creamy Garlic Pasta Recipe

Creamy Garlic Pasta Recipe
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Made with garlic, pasta and parmesan, this wonderful recipe is one that will leave the family requesting more. This recipe is an ideal burger joint choice on weeknight or ends of the week while you’re feeling lethargic.

This Velvety Garlic Pasta is the most straightforward pasta dish you’ll at any point make. It’s stacked with garlic flavor and requires just 20 minutes to plan. With a tomato salad and a jug of Spanish wine, this pasta dish is magnificent for a casual night dinner, but on the other hand it’s self-assured enough for an exquisite end of the week lunch.

I utilized spaghetti to set up this dinner. You may, be that as it may, utilize any assortment of spaghetti noodles you pick. Regardless, twofold check the bundle bearings on the pasta you’re utilizing. You maintain that your pasta should be still somewhat firm. You’ll end up with soft spaghetti in the event that you overcook it.

Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Absolute: 30 mins
Servings: 4


8 oz uncooked spaghetti
2 tbsp virgin olive oil
1 head garlic
1¼ cups low-fat milk
1 tbsp regular flour
1 tsp dried oregano
2 tbsp finely hacked, new parsley
Salt and dark pepper, to taste

Step by step instructions to plan

Step 1:Fill a stock pot most of the way with cold water, season liberally with ocean salt, and cook it over high intensity.

Step 2:Meanwhile, separate the cloves from a head of garlic, eliminate the skins, and coarsely slash the garlic, as well as finely cut a modest bunch of new parsley.

Step 3:Once the water has bubbled, add 8 oz of uncooked spaghetti and throw it around in the bubbling water so it is very much covered. Cook until still somewhat firm (really take a look at bundle directions).

Step 4:While the pasta is cooking, heat a fry container over medium intensity and add 2 tbsp olive oil, and 1 tbsp regular baking flour. Blend constantly and cook for 2 minutes, then, at that point, add 1 tsp dried oregano and 1 1/4 cup milk. Blend persistently, around 4 minutes until the combination thickens up, then season with ocean salt and dark pepper.

Step 5:Drain the spaghetti in a sifter and shake off any additional water prior to adding it to the dish with the rich sauce and 2 tbsp finely cleaved parsley. Throw everything together until completely joined.

Step 6:Transfer to little dishes and serve immediately.

Healthful Data:

Per Serving:

543 calories; protein 17.3g; starches 46.8g; fat 31.7g; cholesterol 98.5mg; sodium 1388.1mg.


Beginning to end, the cream sauce ought to require about 8 minutes to get ready. In that capacity, when the pasta begins to cook, begin setting up your sauce. Along these lines, the pasta ought to be cooked after the sauce has met up, and the sauce won’t become cold.


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