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Cherry Chocolate Chip Walnut Ice Cream

Cherry Chocolate Chip Walnut Ice Cream
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Yes, the name of this one is a mouthful but the ice cream itself is a mouthful and every part of it is too good to be left out of the title.

I used chocolate chips for simplicity’s sake but I think shaved chocolate would have been a better choice. Once it was frozen, the chips felt a bit big. Bits of shaved chocolate would be easier to eat.


-Cream, 2 cups
-Half and Half or Milk, 3 cups
-Sugar, 1 cup, divided
-Almond Extract, 2 teaspoons
-Cherries, about a cup when chopped
-Semisweet or Bittersweet Chocolate Chips, 1/2 cup
-White Chocolate Chips, 1/2 cup
-Walnuts, 1/3 cup


Combine 1 1/2 cups of cream and 1/2 cup sugar. Heat over low heat, stirring occasionally, until the sugar melts.

Combine the warm cream mixture with the rest of the cream, half and half or milk and refrigerate until it’s completely chilled. I put it in the freezer and forgot it was there, which ended up being good. It was just starting to freeze when I put it in the ice cream maker and that worked very well.

Meanwhile, sort the cherries to get rid of any icky ones.

Rinse and pit them.

In the food processor bowl, combine the cherries…

… the almond extract and 1/2 cup sugar.

Pulse just a couple of times, until the cherries are lightly chopped.

Combine the chips and nuts.

Pour the cream mixture into the ice cream maker, along with the cherries, chips and nuts. Freeze according to the ice cream maker instructions.

Dump it into a freezer-safe container and continue freezing for a while longer.

As you can see, I tend to forget just how much the ice cream expands as it freezes and this time it overflowed and made a very tasty mess.

Garnish it with a fresh cherry, serve it up and enjoy!


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