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7-layer salad

7-layer salad
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My sister’s boy made his 7 Layer Salad last😋 for his 16 birthday. Please be nice with him!!! he’s still learning from you. Thank you all… 😍
“7 Layer Salad”
one head iceberg lettuce washed and torn into pieces
four hard-boiled eggs chopped
two large tomatoes chopped



Ingredients for
°1 Lettuce
°250g Peas
°0.5Red tips
°20cl Mayonnaise
°6 Eggs
°200g Bacon
°200g Mimolette
*Preparation steps
Start by washing and stripping the salad. Cook the peas.
Peel and mince the red onion. Cook the hard-boiled eggs.
Cut the bacon into thin strips and grate the mimolette.
Then assemble. In a large transparent dish, first place the lettuce. Cover with red onions. Then place the hard-boiled eggs cut into quarters. Cover with the peas.
Add the mayonnaise before covering with mimolette and bacon.




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