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60 Funny Environmental Jokes And Puns Suitable for All Ages

60 Funny Environmental Jokes And Puns Suitable for All Ages
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Our planet may be facing serious issues, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a chuckle while raising awareness about these concerns. This blog is dedicated to bringing you the funniest eco-centric jokes, puns, and one-liners that’ll not only tickle your funny bone but also encourage you to think about your own impact on the environment. So let’s laugh, learn, and love our Earth together as we explore these rib-tickling green gags!

Best Environmental Jokes

Why is HumorNama the most environment-friendly joke website?
Because we recycle 100% of the Internet!

Where’s the best place for a horse to grow up?
In a stable environment.

Did you hear about an environmentalist who said that we should buy organic because it’s sustainable?
“I looked at my bank account, and I really disagree.”

Why doesn’t Greta Thunberg eat Italian food?
Because she’s trying to decrease her Carbonara footprint.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
Environmentally conscious voter.
(Environmentally conscious voter, who?)
Yeah, that’s what I was wondering.

How did Little Johnny know that he had just done his part to help the environment?
He unplugged 6 electric vehicles that no one was using.

What is orange, about 70 years old, has caused enormous damage to the environment, and is a great embarrassment to the US?
Agent orange, duh.

Why did the environmentalist suggest burning all the coal if it’s so bad for the environment?
Because they thought it would be a “coal-ossal” way to get rid of it once and for all!

What did the numbskulls suggest when they heard coal is bad for the environment?
“Why don’t we just burn it all and be done with it?”

Chris met a friend who is an environmentalist.
“Did you know,” he said, “forest area about the size of a football field is cut every hour in the Amazon rainforest?”
“No wonder Brazil is so good at football,” Chris replied.

RecommendedGlobal Warming Jokes

If there was an island for environmentalists, what would you call it?
Mad at gas car.

How do you know that Windows users care more about the environment than Mac users?
Macs have a trash can and Windows has a recycling bin.

What’s the difference between a Canadian oil mogul and an American one?
The Canadian will apologize for destroying the environment.

Who is the world’s most avid environmentalist?
Mrs. Hawking. She planted trees, picked up litter, and married a vegetable.

What vegetable do environmental activists like the most?
Green peas.

Did you hear about the conversation with a Miner about the effects it had on the environment?
It got rocky.

What do call it when your child teaches you something about the environment?
Instant Greta-fication.

An environmentalist was giving a speech and told his audience that if we continue on our present course all life on earth will be gone in 50 years
A member of the audience jumped to his feet and cried out in panic, “What? What did you say?!”
The environmentalist solemnly repeated, “I said if we continue the way we are that every man, woman, and child on earth will be gone in fifty years.”
The man sat down in relief and said, “Oh, thank God. I thought you said fifteen years.”

This Earth Day we have decided to become more environmentally conscious.
So we are starting to recycle jokes.

RecommendedEarth Day Jokes

Did you know what would happen if you were to print out every single page on the internet, and stack them all, one on top of the other?
Environmentalists would go fcuking nuts.

Girls who talk about girls’ problems are great.
But girls who talk about environmental problems are Greta.

How many environmentalists does it take to change a light bulb?
t doesn’t matter, they will never change a thing.

Do you know that an environmental group in Denmark is trying to convince the government to use recycled Legos to re-pave their highways?
Unfortunately, they’ve still facing a lot of road blocks.

What food does an environmentalist hate?
Baked Alaska.

Did you hear about our environmentally conscious friend who built a car with wooden doors, a wooden engine, and a wooden chassis?
Unfortunately it wooden work.

A lawyer, an environmentalist, and a teacher walk into a restroom.
The lawyer finishes, washes his hands, and wipes his hands with the full roll of tissue paper. He explained, “I was taught to be thorough.”
The environmentalist washes his hands and wipes them with his own handkerchief. “I was taught to be environmentally conscious,” he explained.
The teacher walks out without washing his hands. “I was taught not to piss on my hands.”, he says.

Aliens: We’ve come to destroy the Earth.
Greta: It’s a bit late, right?

RecommendedEarth Jokes

What kind of environment do hobbits live in?
A hobbitat.

What do environmentally friendly mathematicians use to make a fire?
Natural Logs.

What is an environmentalist’s favorite type of tea?

What is the most environmentally friendly game company?
The three that make Call of Duty; They’ve recycled their ONLY GAME, every year for the past 7 years.

What do you call someone who’s obsessively environmentally friendly?
An Eco-Maniac.

What do you call anti-environmental music?
Plastic Rap.

What farm animals are good for the environment?

Two electric car owners were seen today fighting over a charging port.
The police have said it was a charged environment and they will amp up patrols around the area. A lot of witnesses were shocked and some saw someone socket to the other.

What motivates teens to protest climate change?
They’re doing it for the Greta good.

Do you know that Traffic lights teach us that if you see a green man, you should start crossing the road?
Basically, that’s how you avoid environmentalists.

Why was the old man sick and tired of people telling him to turn off lights to save the environment?
He tried it once and he killed a cyclist.

Who is Greta Thunberg’s favorite comedian?
Amy Schumer because she recycles all her jokes.

What’s the difference between a developer and an environmentalist?
The developer wants to build a house in the woods and the environmentalist already has one.

Why did the environmentally-friendly factory require that its workers start wearing suspenders to work?
They wanted to eliminate waist products.

What’s the most environmentally unfriendly meal?

What do you call someone crazy about the environment?
Enviro mental.

An environmentalist and a lumberjack are having a discussion about women.
They both are having a tough time talking to women, so they decide to offer each other advice.
Environmentalist: So what’s your best pickup line?
Lumberjack: It’s more of a steel cable I tie to my truck to haul logs.
Environmentalist: No I mean what do you first say to them?
Lumberjack: I don’t know. What’s your icebreaker?
Environmentalist: I find the best icebreaker is global warming.
Lumberjack: We’re both screwed.

What’s the biggest environmental consequence of removing the Second Amendment?
Bears would have to walk on their hind legs because they would have no right to bear arms.

How much do you care about the environment?
Even the bags under your eyes are reusable.

What do you call it when an environmentalist cuts down an endangered tree?

Do you know that smoking is good for the environment?
Because it kills humans.

RecommendedSmoking Jokes

Why are these jokes bad for the environment?
Because it wasn’t recycled.

How can you tell which fish is the most environmentally friendly?
By it’s e-fish-ency rating.

Did you hear about the glue company that claimed it was environmentally friendly but was found to be dumping waste into the local river?
Their PR team is in a sticky situation.

A little girl is visiting her grandparents. Her grandma tells her to go brush her teeth and put on her pajamas. The girl brushes her teeth and hops into bed, but completely naked. Grandma is quite taken aback and asks the girl why she’s not wearing pajamas.
“Oh, I am wearing pyjamas! They’re the special environmentally friendly ones” the girl replies, with a wink.
Grandma decides to take her chances. She gets into bed, butt naked, and cuddles up to Grandad.
“Why are you naked?” he asks.
“I’m not naked, I’m wearing those special environmentally friendly pajamas,” she says, coyly.
Grandad shudders. “You could have at least ironed them.”

To help the environment, I am going to begin recycling.
I think I will start with my old bike.

Do you know that killing 31,646 people would be the equivalent of planting 20 million trees?
This makes Hitler the biggest environmentalist ever!

What device can survive in any environmental condition?
An adapter.

What’s green and croaks?
A dying environmentalist.

What do you call an environmentally conscious Mexican?
A green bean.


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