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Woman bikes home from work with kitten in her backpack after helping him

Woman bikes home from work with kitten in her backpack after helping him
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Matea was heading home by bicycle after leaving work, when she suddenly found a kitten that was wandering alone, near a main avenue that is very busy, so the woman knew that she had to do something to help him. .

Matea told Love Meow :

«I was cycling on my usual route. As I approached the intersection, I noticed a small ball of fluff and realized it was a tiny kitten, obviously malnourished.”

The woman got off her bike and approached the cat to take it under her care, while the little one simply watched her.

Woman rides a bike and finds a kitten

kitten found

The kitten also approached Matea, it seemed as if it was ready to be picked up and receive the help it had been waiting for. Then, Matea put the little one in his backpack to be able to transport it very carefully, at that moment the kitten was only skin and bones.

woman goes bicycle

However, he was very happy and relieved to receive help, so much so that during the entire trip he decided to relax and take a long nap.

Matea commented:

«I slept with my dress collected in my backpack. She was in pretty bad shape the first day, but I think she finally understood that she could relax and sleep.”

Woman rides bike finds kitten

The woman took the tabby kitten to the vet and was told that it was very underweight and only half the size it should be. But he really wanted to live and fight against any adversity, so they knew that with good care he would prosper.

The kitten’s appearance was very cute, even his big ears made him look like Gizmo, a well-remembered character from the movie ‘Gremlins’, and that’s how he got his name.

relaxed kitty

Perhaps fate put the kitten in Matea’s path, since he left work later that day and that is why he was able to find him.

When he arrived at his new home, Gizmo made himself at home, ate his appetite and rested in his comfortable and warm blankets. Matea gave him a stuffed animal so he wouldn’t feel alone, and so he could rest without any problem and catch up on all the sleep he lost.

happy gizmo

After extensive veterinary care, Gizmo slowly began to improve and began to show that he was a very energetic kitty. Over the next few weeks, Gizmo evolved satisfactorily, not only regaining his full health and weight, but also proving to be highly intelligent.

Adorable Gizmo

Soon, Gizmo became a love bug and took on the role of house supervisor, keeping an eye on his keepers. Really, the kitty adores all of his caretakers, constantly showering them with lots of petting and never failing to put a smile on his face.

thriving gizmo

Matthew added:

“He greets me every morning when I get up, and every afternoon when I get home from work.”

Since he was able to be rescued, little Gizmo has come a long way, but the best thing is that he has grown into a beautiful young cat.

VIP life gizmo

Thanks to Matea’s kind heart, Gizmo got a second chance at his life, and now he just enjoys his comfortable VIP life.


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