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Rescued Kitten Wears Cute T-Shirts Made From Socks to Protect His Chest

Rescued Kitten Wears Cute T-Shirts Made From Socks to Protect His Chest
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A small gray kitten was brought to the Community Cat Club rescue center , based in southern New Jersey, United States, for a chance to get ahead and finally find a home where he can have a better life.

Upon arrival at the rescue center, the volunteers noticed a deformity in his chest. Despite this, the kitten named Leroy was very cute and curious from day one, eating everything he had on his plate and absorbing all the love his caretaker offered him.

Sara Sharp, president and founder of the Community Cat Club , told Love Meow :

“He came to us after being found alone on a military base. Leroy has some obvious flaws. We will do everything we can to help him.”

Kitten wears cute sock tops to protect her chest

Kitty wears cute t-shirts

Following his visit to the vet, they were able to diagnose Leroy with pectus excavatum, a congenital deformity of the chest wall. In the case of the sweet kitty, he would need surgery to correct this problem, since his condition was considered quite serious.

Sarah tells:

“As I suspected, he has pectus excavatum. This was confirmed by X-rays at our vet.”

Kitten wears cute t-shirts made from socks

For a few days, the kitten wore a cast that looked like a tiny corset to help her chest grow the right way. Leroy then underwent surgery at Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Hospital and thankfully it turned out to be a very successful operation.

The president and founder of Community Cat Club added:

“This surgery was badly needed and we had to do it with him weighing only one pound, because (the condition) was affecting his breathing and pinning his heart to one side.”

Kitten wears t-shirts made from socks

In a short time, and thanks to the necessary care, Leroy was on his feet and ready to play. This kitty didn’t let anything stop him from the fun that awaited him.

Sarah mentioned:

This boy is a fighter! He went through some pretty intense surgery with his weight. He is small but mighty. He now wears a small chest plate for six weeks to help his chest continue to grow normally. He goes to his vet every week for a checkup, so the vet can loosen him up as he grows.”

When he returned to the vet to check on his progress, the boy exceeded everyone’s expectations with his progress. Leroy is loving with all his caregivers, he loves both humans and furry. He even made friends with another kitty named Poppy, and now they hang out together.

Adorable rescued kittens

Sarah says:

“Her respiratory rate is really good, and the vet, Dr. Yard, said ‘whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.'”

beautiful tabby kitten

Leroy is very close to Poppy, they enjoy playing and running together. Sarah assures:

“They are obsessed with each other and will be spending a lot of time together over the next six weeks. Leroy is seriously the sweetest guy, you would never know something was wrong with him. From the moment I took him in, he just wanted love ».

curious kitten

You can learn a little more about Leroy on Instagram . You can also visit the rescue center account on Facebook and Instagram .


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