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Kittens make Christmas wish come true for woman who lost her 20-year-old cat

Kittens make Christmas wish come true for woman who lost her 20-year-old cat
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Two kittens named Peppy and Kringle were part of a litter of six little cats that were brought to the IndyHumane rescue center for a chance at a better life. The siblings around four weeks old shared a great bond.

While the two brothers were comfortable and happy in their foster home, IndyHumane veterinarian Taylor Smith was looking for a new cat for her cousin who had recently lost hers after many years together.

Jennifer, the felines’ foster mom, shared with Love Meow :

“Peppy is without a doubt one of the most unique looking kittens I have ever raised. From his handsome color to his blue-gray eyes, not to mention his pink nose and black lips, which give him the appearance of a tiny mouth, and Kringle is a playful, happy kitty, but always the first to relax. He gets along with all the kittens ».

Kittens make a woman’s Christmas wish come true

Adorable shelter kittens

The woman, very excited, began to send photos of the two kittens to her cousin in the hope that she would fall madly in love with them. When her cousin saw Peppy and found out that she had a brother, she fell head over heels in love with them and was sure the two needed to stay together.

Dr. Smith said:

“My cousin lost her 20-year-old cat at the end of October and she didn’t have a cat in her house.”

adorable cats

At the same time, Dr. Smith received an unexpected message from her cousin’s husband, apparently the man had the same kittens in mind to bring home and said he wanted to surprise her for Christmas.

This was how a plan to surprise the woman was put into motion, and every time the vet’s cousin mentioned the pair of kittens to her husband, he would say “no” and completely avoid prolonging the conversation.

Beautiful kitty

The vet remembers:

“My cousin was texting me every day and kept saying ‘we have to convince my husband’, while texting me asking me to arrange the adoption and get the supplies.”

beautiful tabby kitten

For her part, the woman continued to insist to her husband about the adorable cats, but she did not imagine that he was working to surprise her, so she told him that they would talk about it on Christmas Eve.

When Peppy and Kringle returned from spay surgery, the husband arranged with Dr. Smith and brought the kitten couple home the day before Christmas Eve.

rescued kittens

Dr. Smith settled the kittens on the couch and waited for her cousin to come home. When the woman entered the room, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She even thought that the kittens were just there for a visit and she wondered what her husband would say when he saw them. It was then that she was told of her surprise.

Dr. Smith added:

“She cried when I finally told her that her husband had already adopted them. It was super cute. It was a bit difficult to keep the secret for so long, but it was worth it as she had no idea.”

beautiful cats

Peppy and Kringle, now named Steiner, are happily in their forever home, much loved and pampered by their humans. These two felines not only found a loving family, they also fulfilled their new mother’s wish.


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