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Older dog with a pair of fangs just wants to be loved as he is

Older dog with a pair of fangs just wants to be loved as he is
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Ceasar is an adorable 10-year-old dog who was recently turned over to Ruff House Rescue , because according to his former family, who adopted the pup as a six-month-old pup from the same shelter, Ceasar “messed up too many rugs.”

Clearly this senior dog is still confused and adjusting to life without the people he’s loved for over a decade, but his walrus teeth have already won hearts!

Kathleen Gioeli, Ceasar’s foster mom, told The Dodo :

“When I first opened the car door, I was sitting on the dog bed nervously. He looked at me and I immediately fell for the ‘fangs’ of him. I called my sister (who is my roommate) and told her that she had arrived and she looked like a walrus. We say that she is a walrus by day, a fruit bat by night: the big eyes and teeth of her are all you can see at night.”

Senior dog with a pair of fangs wants to be loved

caesar puppy

Ceasar is an unusual dog with two lower teeth protruding from his mouth, which make him look like something out of wildlife conservation programs. The former family told rescue center staff that every time someone cleaned Ceasar’s teeth they had to be pulled and that his canines had shifted over time.


However, this doesn’t seem painful at all to Ceasar, who eats and drinks normally, he’s just much more peculiar looking, setting him apart from the others.

Ceasar prefers not to be noticed, and is gradually adjusting to his new surroundings to show all the little things that make him so interesting, like what’s under those fearsome teeth. His foster family loves to see how this shy pup brings out his personality.

senior puppy ceasar

Kathleen added:

“He has kind eyes, seeks human affection above all else, is polite to my dogs and enjoys every crumb of food they give him. He also enjoys sunbathing, snuggling in my bed and his own bed, being held, and last but not least, taking car rides. However, I know there are many more layers to his sweet soul that he hasn’t yet felt comfortable sharing. He will get there eventually with love and time!”

Although Ceasar surely misses his family a lot, a loving family has finally adopted him, and has opened the doors of their home to him.

Ceasar has two fangs

Rescue center staff posted on Facebook :

Ceasar has found a forever home. Thanks to everyone who reached out and offered to help. We appreciate you very much! We have many other homeless pets that need your help.”

Caesar and his family

Ceasar is very happy to have found a family that already loves him as he is, with more dogs, children, and loving parents, who loved him immediately, and who will take care of him forever.


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