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Cat approaches a woman to caress her and ended up having kittens in her house 2 days later

Cat approaches a woman to caress her and ended up having kittens in her house 2 days later
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Katy was passing a daycare in Northeast Philadelphia late last month when she noticed a homeless cat out front.  The woman has always worked as a volunteer for her local Stray Cat Relief rescue center , so she couldn’t leave without checking on the kitten.

Katy told Love Meow :

“I was working that day and when I got there, she was walking down the street. She didn’t have a trap, or a carrier, or even food, but she knew she needed help.”

The cat seemed to be pregnant because she had a big belly and when she noticed Katy’s presence she didn’t hesitate to approach her to ask for help.

Cat approaches a woman to ask for help

Cat approaches woman

Katy added:

“I bent down, offered her my hand, and she came right to me for a touch.”

priscilla in the streets

Despite being on the streets, the cat was very friendly, but Katy contacted the rescue center and a specialized rescuer to help her catch her.

The cat seemed happy to receive a little attention, but she wouldn’t let herself be picked up from her new friend. However, the woman managed to keep her busy and entertained for over an hour until she finally got the help she expected.

Cat approaches a woman

Thanks to good teamwork, the cat named Priscilla was able to be rescued from the streets without any problem and brought to Katy’s house. Once there, the cat devoured the food as if she hadn’t eaten in days, and then she was able to rest to regain some strength.

Katy added:

“The next day, I realized that I wasn’t eating much. She was also restless and meowing. My instinct said that she was in labor ».

priscilla has babies

The woman reported the situation to the rescue center and built her a very comfortable nest, then she spent some time by her side, but she had to go to sleep. It was about 1:30 in the morning when Katy woke up thinking about Priscilla, she checked on her and the cat had two babies next to her.

After a few hours, the cat ended up giving birth to six healthy little kittens, all of which stayed in line with their doting mother.

kittens drinking milk

Katie commented:

“When I checked on her around 7:30 a.m. she immediately rolled onto her back as if she was showing me her babies.”

The woman helped Priscilla by feeding the smallest of the litter, while the cat took care of all their needs. Soon the new mother forgot to eat, so Katy put food in front of her and encouraged her to feed from it.

priscilla new life

While feeding, Priscilla nursed her kittens, she didn’t want to put her responsibilities aside, as her kittens were the most important thing. After spending a few days taking care of her babies, the cat began to take some breaks to stretch and receive love from her friend.

When Katy takes the kittens for a walk, Priscilla watches her closely, and if she’s late, she gets up and starts looking for them.


Now, the cat has managed to relax more, so she leaves her nest to seek caresses more frequently.

Priscilla went from wandering the streets to having a dream life, but the best thing is that she knows that her kittens will not need anything.


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