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This adventurous cat loves to surf, hike and swim

This adventurous cat loves to surf, hike and swim
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In Australia, this adventurous cat has proven to be a fan of extreme sports. She loves to surf, hike, swim, and climb mountains. Sodapop is a special cat, since her appearance is very striking, she is a mix between Khao Mane and Siberia, which sounds quite elegant.

In addition, she has heterochromia, which means that her eyes are of a different color, which gives the feline a very particular appearance. But really, what makes Sodapop special is that he loves to go on adventures with Denise Ciantar, his adoptive mother.

Denise lives with Sodapop in Queensland, Australia, but they have both managed to travel to different parts of the country.


Instagram/ skittles_and_gingin

Accompanied by her four-year-old cat, Denise and Sodapop, they have traveled to the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Brisbane, facing hundreds of challenges along the way.

This adventurous cat
Instagram/ skittles_and_gingin

Sodapop makes it clear that he likes an adrenaline rush, as his preferred hobbies include surfing, swimming in the ocean, climbing mountains, or hiking. According to Denise, she’s been doing these kinds of trips since Sodapop was just a kitten, and they’ve been adventuring ever since.

Denise said, according to METRO :

“First I started taking her to get photos for Instagram, but after that it turned out to be a fun fling and now I really love hanging out with her for fun.”

adventurous cat
Instagram/ skittles_and_gingin

The woman takes great satisfaction in getting a good photo or video of her cat in a scenic spot, so she makes sure to take the best ones. Sodapop always poses in the best way for photos, he has even posed in front of waterfalls or in the snow, since the weather is not a problem.

Denise added:

“Sodapop has a special bubble pack that allows her to see out and protects her from the weather.”


There is no doubt that Denise and Sodapop like to be distinguished by their photographs and that is why some are daring and dramatic. The woman believes that the key to keeping the kitten calm and happy during the different adventures is by giving her the best example of her.

Denise added:

“If I act happy and relaxed and calm about being in a place, she will too.”

sodapop climbing
Instagram/ skittles_and_gingin

Most cats trust their owners, and Sodapop is no exception, so she feels very confident in what she does.

This adventurous cat walking
Instagram/ skittles_and_gingin

The adventurous cat’s behavior is really surprising, but it is thanks to Denise’s company that she acts this way.

If you want to know more about Sodapop, you can follow her on Instagram .


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