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Impatient dog gets mad at her new automatic dog feeder

Impatient dog gets mad at her new automatic dog feeder
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Until recently, the only thing standing between this adorable pooch named Olive and an extra snack was her foster mom, Hailey Hart. Nothing to worry this cunning girl who was apparently used to getting her way at every opportunity she got.

But, now for Olive there is a new, quite strict home food control. And although this dog is very used to always getting everything she wants and she has her tricks to achieve it, this time it won’t be so easy.

Hailey recently decided to purchase an automatic dog feeder. This device is designed to distribute food at scheduled times and apparently it has not been completely to Olive’s liking.


impatient dog
Instagram/ heylee_marie_

Of course, the impatient dog was not at all happy to learn that a robot was now the one making the decision about the snacks that she had been enjoying so much for a long time.

@olive.and.hailey She thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ ##OliveLouise ##dogoargentino ##dogtok ##OlivetheDogo ##dogoftikok ♬ original sound – Hailey Hart


Now, with the arrival of the new feeder, they were definitely off the table, and of course their impatience expressed itself in the form of a rather adorable little tantrum that was caught on video by their mother.

Impatient dog gets mad at her new feeder
Instagram/ heylee_marie_

Surely, as time goes on, Olive will understand that following a regular and consistent eating regimen can’t be all a bad thing, and she’ll still have her treats, just now it won’t be every time she wants it. Of course, that doesn’t mean Olive has to like the idea completely.


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