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We’ve been waiting 90 DAYS for this!

We’ve been waiting 90 DAYS for this!
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What a HAPPINESS it is to see Oleg Alekseevich! So I missed his walks on the savannah, It never ceases to amaze me how much the animals love it!!! Admiration and respect How the lions missed the Leo Man, they rejoice and run up to Oleg Alekseevich to their own person.

How nice it is to look at Oleg Alekseevich! The whole country was rooting for him! The man did not get embittered, he was just as kind, pleasant, clear, a real man! It’s necessary! Leo runs as fast as he can to his beloved dad. He didn’t forget anything.

How nice it is to watch Tatyana and Oleg Alekseevich again go through the savannah! It has become easy on the soul, Horror, frost on the skin … What affection and recognition of the animals of their dad, Oleg.

This is Oleg’s phenomenon! the lions are so happy about the return of the dad that, contrary to the instincts of the rut, they make contact and understand that other lions also want a dad. Alkold Zapashny, who was filming a film about Taigan and was shocked at the time, would have been shocked again.


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