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Baby squirrel doesn’t want to leave after being rescued by this woman

Baby squirrel doesn’t want to leave after being rescued by this woman
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The relationship between Patty Robinson and her little rodent friend began when the woman observed the squirrel in her garden while looking out the kitchen window at her home in Boston, Massachusetts. Just out of curiosity, Patty went out to investigate to see what was wrong with the squirrel, and when she got closer she realized that she was still a baby.

Her eyes were still closed, so the woman began looking around the property for the squirrel’s mother or her siblings.

After searching for more than 45 minutes, Patty couldn’t find anyone, so she knew she had to help the little squirrel.

Baby squirrel stays with the woman who helped him

baby squirrel

The initial idea was to help the creature while it grew a bit, so that later it could be released to continue its life, but the squirrel seemed to have other plans.

rescued baby squirrel
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Patty told Bored Panda :

“When I first picked it up, it melted in my hands.”

At that time, the woman did not know how to raise a squirrel, but she used different websites for guidance.

Patty says that she has always helped people and animals, since her special job is to help and be a foster mother.

squirrel in new home
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Patty added:

“The day I picked up the squirrel on the lawn was the day I got engaged to him.”

After spending several days in her care, the squirrel, whom she named Bunk, was finally ready to get on with his life, so the woman decided to release him. Amazingly, Bunk was gone for five days and somehow returned to Patty’s house, scared and snarling, he didn’t want to leave her side.

bunk progressing

Patty added:

“I tried three more times and it refused to go away!”

Squirrels generally don’t make good pets—they’re messy, expensive, can bite, and need a room to themselves, among other things. However, Bunk wasn’t planning on leaving and Patty wasn’t going to give up taking care of him, so she decided to become her forever adoptive mother.

happy bunk
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So, to make Bunk’s life more fun and comfortable, Patty decided to turn her house into a squirrel playground.

Patty commented:

“Because Bunk hurt his leg, I built ramps for him and put up the tubes so he could safely run across the room.”

Bunk’s room is his property and he doesn’t let anyone make a change in it, even if Patty walks in, he keeps a close eye on her so she doesn’t do anything.

baby squirrel won't go away

Despite his independence, Bunk is very affectionate with Patty, and the two have become very close, so they love spending time together.

Thanks to the investigations, Patty shared that many things about squirrels are not true, since they not only eat acorns, but also vegetables and fruits.


Although Bunk is free to go whenever he wants, it seems he chose to have a life with Patty and will stay with her forever.

Patty said:

“Loving a squirrel is amazing, being loved by a squirrel is bliss! He makes me a better person.”

If you want to know more about Bunk and Patty, you can follow them on Instagram .


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