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Brave Man Catch Big Snake

Brave Man Catch Big Snake
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The sake was taking of so surely he should have let it go and then finished his plough to many snakes are being abused when their not disturbing, turned into a acting clip with a pet snake.

He is little in body and very strong and awesome I figuring how to handle snake and let snake have his freedom. This man loves life and works hard to keep his land living. Little man with big heart.

The snake was taking of so surely he should have let it go and then finished his plough to many snakes are being abused when their not disturbing, turned into a acting clip with a pet snake ,to me The behavior of the boy and the snake to earth other looks like it’s an domesticate and non-ofensive snake.


Izzi came in with a Superb Parrot Female

Looks like a Peregrine Falcon, They strike at staggering speeds to the point their prey dies on impact from strike, Trust me that parrots had a quick death, I lived in an area growing up where Peregrines would roost.

All types of bird legs in our back yard, And so I caught an excellent view of one of the Peregrines striking a pigeon, All I seen was a feathers like it was a pillow fight in mid-air. The Peregrine took off without landing to the ground with its prey, This happened in less than 30 seconds.

As a parrot owner I’m conflicted as well, But, falcons kill quickly, so the bird didn’t suffer and it is a part of the circle of life, Great footage, so us parrot owners know just how risky not taking precautions can be.


Top 45 Brutal Hunting Moments When Lions Took Down Mighty Animals

Lions are not kings of the bush for nothing, They have the track record to prove it, Whether it’s hunting down prey, or battling it out with hyenas and wild dogs, the big cats rule, most of the time, Have you ever seen a pride of lions devour a crocodile? How efficient do you think lions can be against a giraffe? If you want to know, keep watching, as we look at the top 45 hunting moments when lions took down mighty animals.

When a male lion first runs towards a young hippo calf, he hesitates to attack, The hippo turns to face the lion and then takes off, That’s when the lion hops on the hippo’s back and takes it down, The hippo should never have turned his back on the lion, I’m not saying he would have defeated the feline had he remained facing him, but his chances would have been better.

Hippos are terrifying beasts with a lot of biting force, so when a hippo looks like the one in this video, beaten and ailing, you know there’s something wrong, The hippo is barely moving, while the lions are devouring it alive, It’s a gruesome sight, but a hippo is extremely difficult to kill, so it’s usually eaten alive and dies when vital organs are hit, A male lion is trying to take down a huge hippo in front of the pride, so all the cats can jump in and help kill it, but it’s not as easy as it looks, even though the hippo is badly injured.

Male lions are not always with their pride, and they have a duty of protecting the pride’s territory, which means time away from the pride, It is then that the real hunting begins, Hyenas will instinctively begin eating their prey as soon as they grab it, regardless if they are alive or dead, but lions will usually kill their prey before eating it, although there are many cases when they have eaten prey alive, These hyenas were gorging on a wildebeest when they heard the lion’s footsteps and moved away.


Three Cheetah vs Ostrich, Deathmatch!!

The ostrich is the largest bird in the world, it is about 2.5 meters high and weighs more than 130 kg. It is a bird that runs very fast, so it does not fly but can run at 70 km per hour. it lives in the African savannas.

Only the African plains it travels, which exposes it to great danger from predatory animals such as cheetahs, lions and hyenas, to cross the plains it uses its powerful legs to run, and it is also the only solution for her to escape and save her life from all threats.

She relaxed thinking that they weren’t running to her and slowed down, It looks like the leopard looks at her sideways as if to say “I don’t care either one, When she realized the mistake, already It was late.


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