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This adventurous cat loves kayaking, hiking, rowing, and even horseback riding

This adventurous cat loves kayaking, hiking, rowing, and even horseback riding
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Bongo is a charming seven-month-old Bengal crossbreed cat, who in a short time has already carried out a hundred activities that many of us would probably like to do at least once. That includes: kayaking, hiking, paddleboarding, and even horseback riding.

The adorable kitty loves going on all kinds of adventures in the company of his adoptive mother, Lucy Frankcom, a 22-year-old dental student from Llandudno, North Wales. Whether it’s a trip to the mountains of Snowdonia or a paddle on the local lakes, Bogo always seems ready for adventure.

Lucy told Metro UK :

“I started paddleboarding with Bongo when I was three months old in Snowdonia. While he was inflating the board, he jumped right on it, like he knew where we were going. When we got in the water, he just sat back and relaxed, looking at all the birds, ducks and fish.”


This adventurous cat loves to row
Instagram/ big_bongo_theory

Lucy tells:

“He loves to put his paws in the water and just stare off into the distance. I took him kayaking on the Manchester canal and although the water was disgusting he loved it too, from exploring the boat to sitting on the bow. He also loves hiking and is well trained, so sometimes I let him go and he follows me while he tries to explore everything around him.”

This adventurous cat loves kayaking
Instagram/ big_bongo_theory

From the time Lucy adopted Bongo when he was just an eight-week-old kitten. She put a harness on him so he would feel comfortable wearing it to go out. The feline quickly overpowered him, but Lucy was genuinely surprised to see him immerse himself in all sorts of unusual activities for a cat.

beautiful cat on the mountain
Instagram/ big_bongo_theory

The young woman says:

“Another favorite pastime is climbing trees, although he often has some trouble getting down.”



Lucy remembers:

“I took Bongo horseback riding with me one day and he sat on a shoulder bag while I rode. He seemed comfortable and so did the horse, so the next time we went to the stables, I put him in a saddle horse and he loved it.”

naughty kitty
Instagram/ big_bongo_theory

Now Bongo and the horse are best friends, and they enjoy going for walks together. He hates being cooped up, so his mom makes sure to take him outside as much as possible.

adventurous cat
Instagram/ big_bongo_theory

Bongo’s adventures have secured him a huge following, both in his town and on social media, where Lucy constantly shares updates on Instagram .


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