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Rescued Duck With Special Needs Is So Happy To Experience Rain For The First Time

Rescued Duck With Special Needs Is So Happy To Experience Rain For The First Time
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When this duck named Cheerio arrived at the Here With Us Farm Sanctuary , a non-profit vegan farm animal rescue center located in South Central, Pennsylvania, he was only one day old and due to his condition it seemed that he would not live for that night.

The mission of the sanctuary is to provide a safe and loving home for farm animals that have been abused and abandoned, and to show people that farm animals are just like us: beings with personalities and feelings.

That’s why Amanda Clark, her new adoptive mother, did everything she could to help this duckling succeed, and now, at 10 months old, Cheerio enjoys the little things, like feeling the rain on her face for the first time.


cheerio baby
Facebook/ Here With Us Farm Sanctuary

Despite being an animal with special needs, Cherio appreciates and experiences new things, and Amanda takes advantage so that all those moments can be captured in photos and videos.

small cheerio
Facebook/ Here With Us Farm Sanctuary

She told The Dodo :

“When Cheerio saw and felt the rain for the first time, it was pure joy. His little face lit up. You could see how curious he was and how happy he was to experience it.”


The duckling is missing an eye and has severe neurological problems that prevent it from walking unassisted.


Loved added:

“It was hard not to cry, seeing him experience something for the first time that many ducks experience all the time. He kept looking at the rain and had the happiest little face!”

cheerio in the pool
Facebook/ Here With Us Farm Sanctuary

Cheerio couldn’t be happier to experience something that for us may be very simple, but for him it can mean the world. And that’s how he sees each new thing that lives in the sanctuary, along with 200 other rescued farm animals like him.

Mira a Cheerio caminando


Ceerio is a strong duck who is certainly capable of achieving anything he puts his mind to. Maybe for some people these videos may not seem like a big deal, but for Cheerio it means a lot. Now even the duckling can take more steps, and she is very happy using her wheelchair.

Cheerio tomando el sol
Facebook/ Here With Us Farm Sanctuary

For Amanda, Cheerio has been that little being that has filled her life with joy.

She finally said:

“Cheerio has changed my life in many ways. He is so determined and truly an inspiration to keep going, keep trying and never give up. Find joy even in the little things. He’s just an amazing little guy.”


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