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Orphaned kitten longing for a mother finds a cat who doesn’t hesitate to take him in

Orphaned kitten longing for a mother finds a cat who doesn’t hesitate to take him in
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Best Friends Felines , a rescue group based in Brisbane, Australia, took in a friendly pregnant cat, named Cassiopeia (Cassie), because she needed a foster home to have her babies.

As time passed, her belly continued to grow until the day finally came and one Friday morning she went into labor. Just as she was giving birth to her second baby, the rescue center received information about an orphaned and premature kitten, who was only three days old .

The little one needed a foster caretaker and a surrogate feline mother, so they thought Cassie would be a good fit. However, they warned that she didn’t have much of a chance, but if Cassie accepted it, she might have a chance.

Orphaned kitten finds a cat who adopts him

Orphaned kitten longed for mother

The rescue center volunteers did not hesitate to try, but they had to travel more than 90 minutes to pick up the little kitten. When they arrived, Cassie had already given birth to her third kitten and was still expecting more, so they put the orphaned baby next to her.

Orphaned kitten craved attention
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Everyone was hoping for the best reaction, and to everyone’s relief, Cassie immediately took it in and began cleaning it up as her own. The little boy, although he seemed to be very strong and a fighter, needed a little help to be able to breastfeed, so they helped him a little.


The rescue center wrote on Facebook :

“Cassie ended up having a pretty long day and didn’t have her sixth and final baby until just before 10pm.”

With the company of six new kittens (all male), the adopted baby named Sirius, became the best at feeding.

sirius and brother
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The staff made sure to check on the little family every 2-3 hours, to make sure Sirius was eating well and not losing weight. Sirius, who arrived as a premature baby at the shelter, continued to amaze everyone with his will to live and his weight gain.

The rescue center added:

“She eventually hit triple digits and weighed 101 grams at nine days.”

Sirius didn’t want his foster brothers to leave him behind, and went ahead with his voracious appetite and eating very well every day.

sirius appetite

By the second week, the crowd of kittens became more active and their energy rubbed off on Sirius, who began to move around the nest.

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The rescue center told Love Meow :

“He was the most insistent, and he loved having his belly rubbed and being cradled in our hands to be kissed.”

In less than three weeks the kitten increased its weight four times, and its fur began to turn silver, a condition known as “Fever Coat, Manto Febril or Manto de Fever”, and which happens when the mother had an infection or stress during pregnancy, which generally has no negative effect on the kitten’s overall health

Sirius growing up

Little Sirius looks like he has silver and smoky highlights to his fur, but as he grows older, his black color will return. As expected, Sirius needed special attention in order to progress, so he developed a unique connection with his foster caretakers.

Sirius and little brothers

At seven weeks, all the kittens were thriving and growing by leaps and bounds, so Cassie took a backseat.

Sirius is still the smallest of them all, but what he lacks in size he makes up for with his energetic personality and enthusiasm. Most of the time, he focuses on his caregivers when they enter the room and begins to roll over and purr to be tickled.

Adorable Sirius

Sirius is already a mini panther kitten with adorable silver sparkles, who has surprised everyone with his incredible process and evolution. After an unlikely journey in his life, little Sirius is ready to find a forever home and a loving forever family.


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