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Dog is found buried up to her neck while her puppies struggled to live

Dog is found buried up to her neck while her puppies struggled to live
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Veterinarian Soner Büyümez was working on a farm in Turkey, when he heard a desperate sound like asking for help in the distance. The man could not ignore this, and he immediately rushed to the spot to see what it was.

Soner told The Dodo :

“There was a landslide. I saw a dog stuck on the ground. Only his head remained [above the ground].”

It was a dog that was buried up to her neck, and she looked very distressed.


dog buried up to the neck
Facebook/ Soner Grow

What Soner didn’t imagine at that moment was that she wasn’t just worried about herself, she would soon realize that someone else needed her.


The man knew he had to act immediately, so he got to work, taking a shovel to start digging. But, as he was stirring up the earth, he began to hear a faint sound coming from underground; Puppies were heard crying.

Soner said:

“I heard the crying of the puppies. They were underground.”


Once the mother was rescued, Soner immediately began to dig faster, using his hands, so as not to harm the pups. One by one the little ones were rescued, safe and sound, and her mother couldn’t be happier.

There were seven puppies who had been trapped in that terrible situation with their mother, after the burrow they used as a home collapsed due to a landslide.

rescued puppies
Facebook/ Soner Grow

It is believed that the apparently homeless dog was forced to keep her puppies there to protect them. But now they will no longer be alone, because thanks to this good man, they have a new opportunity in life.

Soner and the puppies
Soner Grow

Soner finally said:

“His general condition is very good. The mother and her cubs are protected. I will take care of them as if they were mine.”


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