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Dog found stranded on the road thanks his rescuer with a big hug

Dog found stranded on the road thanks his rescuer with a big hug
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Evie Benson, and her mother Leslie, were driving home from a day of back-to-school shopping when they noticed other cars dodging something in the road in the distance . And that’s when they saw the terrified dog in front of a huge truck that was heading towards him.

Evie told The Dodo :

“We closed our eyes, scared to see this dog get hit by a car. Fortunately, the dog got out of the way just in time.”

But Evie knew she had to do something, before the poor animal was hurt or worse, and so she jumped out of the moving car. Before she least thought about it, she was back in the car with the dog in her arms.


Evie visits Wags
Facebook/Evie Benson

The dog was too skinny and dirty, but it kept wagging its tail at the person who had saved it. Evie says that the car ride was easy. The puppy fell asleep in her hands and that’s when she began to cry.


She said:

“I wanted her to know that she was finally safe. It broke my heart just thinking about what this dog had been through and how scared and lonely he felt.”

Wags in the shelter
Facebook/Evie Benson

Evie and her mother took the dog to the Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center , where he was quickly received to provide all the care he needs for his recovery and speedy adoption.

The next day, the young woman returned to the shelter to see how Wags was doing, as he called the dog. She thought Wags wouldn’t remember her, but once he was in front of her, the grateful dog jumped from her into her arms.

thankful wags
Facebook/Evie Benson

Eve said:

“We sat with him in the room and that’s when the emotions kicked in. My mom and I started crying… I joined him on the floor and he snuggled into my lap and was happy… he even lay on top of me and hugged me.”

Evie is happy that Wags is getting all the attention he deserves, and would have liked to adopt him, but he is leaving for college next month.

She knows that many people have already learned about the dog’s story, and some families are even applying to adopt Wags, so it is only a matter of time before this puppy meets the ideal family.

Wags and Evie
Facebook/Evie Benson

Wags was transferred to German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue , a rescue center that provides foster homes, and which will be in charge of ensuring Wags’ physical and behavioral recovery from now on, according to the shelter’s staff on Facebook. Then, when the time is right, this dog can find the perfect home.

Evie and Wags
Facebook/Evie Benson

Evie said:

“It breaks my heart that I can’t adopt him. The SPCA has received so many calls and messages to check on Wags… I know he will have no trouble finding a home.”

Wags in foster home
Wags in his foster home | Facebook/ Andrea Strickhouser

Evie will never forget Wags, and she knows he will remember her too. She has made a connection with him, and she loves him, despite not being able to take him home.

Wags is now recovering, waiting for a forever home, where he will be loved and pampered, and will not have to go through so many dangers again.


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