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Adorable baby skunk cuddles up with his savior

Adorable baby skunk cuddles up with his savior
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During the spring, the lodges and sanctuaries are often quite busy, as life flourishes in the forests. However, among all these little babies, there are some that you would not dare to hug, even though they look adorable. Baby skunks or skunks fall into this category.

A few years ago, a video was posted of a tiny baby skunk that had been rescued by the Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Preserve. In the short video, the little calf can be seen moving its tiny legs and chubby pink belly while intently observing everything around it.

The skunk looks relatively calm when held by his handlers in the video, and luckily this boy did not yet have the ability to spray at the time, which is until he is three months old. Even then, adult skunks will only do so if they feel threatened or frightened.


baby skunk
Facebook/Wild Heart Ranch

Unfortunately, many skunk pups are abandoned during these months of the year, so the goal of the reserve is to ensure that they can live in your care.


Traffic and predators are the main threats to these tiny animals, but also climate changes in the forests.

Annette King, director of the reserve, steps in to help these little guys thrive, as they can’t survive on their own in the wild.


The woman told The Dodo :

“She is an orphaned skunk that was brought to us for care. We will raise her until she is able to survive on her own and return her to the wild. She was three weeks old and had been struggling to grow. She finally got going and has been going through a growth spurt.”

The objective of the rescue center is to ensure that these animals survive and return to their natural habitat.

little skunk
Facebook/Wild Heart Ranch

Finally, the rescuer added:

“It is part of our duty to wildlife to accept and handle them as nature intended, and we hold no grudge for the extra scent that accompanies these amazing and lively little creatures.”


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