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Adorable baby bat makes the cutest noises while being petted

Adorable baby bat makes the cutest noises while being petted
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Jeddah is a baby Christmas Island fruit bat, also known as the grey-headed flying fox (Pteropus natalis). Many people on the Internet are delighted after seeing little Jeddah in a video on the YouTube channel called Megabattie where the baby bat reacts sweetly to caresses.

Jeddah is a very tender rescued bat, who has had a difficult time, and has some injuries, which is why he could not be released.

Animal rescuer Mandi Griffith told Bored Panda :

“Jeddah was an orphaned flying fox found on the ground near a bat camp, she wasn’t sure why she was there but the vet thought she may have had a concussion.”


rescued bat

Bats usually have their young between October and November.

little bat

Mandi reports that Jeddah made adorable squeaking noises while enjoying his warm milk or being groomed. He enjoyed spending time with her rescuer and hid in her jacket while she did her chores.

She counts:

“He would reach out his little thumb and pull my hand up to his head so I could tickle his ears and he would squeal like crazy in ecstasy.”


The rescuer explains that, after thirteen weeks of age, the bats go to a nursery with others, but Jeddah at 12 weeks did not seem ready yet. After the nursery, the little ones go on to adult life and can be released.

Mandi explains:

“Bats are very rewarding to rehabilitate and break free, but they do not make good pets as they need colony life for their mental health and flight to keep them healthy.”

baby bat eating

Although Jeddah looked just like the other bats, he had no more than the brain of a baby so he was handed over to a licensed wildlife specialist.

Mandy commented:

“In particular, I loved the yawn and sniff bits midway through. And I love the curl of the tongue while yawning.”


Some network users were worried when they saw the video due to the sounds of the baby bat that seems to be suffering, the caregiver explained:

“There have been suggestions that this bat is terrified and the screeches are not cute. This bat is happy and can walk away from the keeper at any time. He is choosing to be petted. He requests attention.”

Mandi has been in the rescue center for 18 years, has done some studies and has always made sure to have people with knowledge in the care and protection of the bat species she rescues.

She says:

“Keepers must be licensed to rehabilitate wildlife and it is important to have the guidance of other more experienced keepers when beginning to care for injured and orphaned wildlife.”

spoiled bat

The rescuer doesn’t just work with bats, she also helps gliders, opossums, bandicoots, macropods, native rodents, wombats and small birds. But she highlights the importance of bats as eucalyptus pollinators; food for species such as the Koala. These animals can travel up to 50 km per night.

Mandi adds:

“Bats are semi-nomadic, moving from their chosen location (called a bat camp) to another as they follow the flowering trees.”

baby bat

Sadly, bat habitat has been affected due to urbanization. In search of a home and food, they become trapped in nets of fruit trees and barbed wire fences. People’s ignorance causes them to be treated like a plague, instead of a vital species.


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