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Poor Golden Retriever Was Attacked by Tiny Kittens in a Dog Bed

Poor Golden Retriever Was Attacked by Tiny Kittens in a Dog Bed
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Golden Retriever, dog breed. It emerged in Scotland in the 19th century and was used as an aid in hunting activities at that time. This breed, which emerged with the crossing of Wavy Coated Retriever, Newfoundland and Irish Setter breeds, has become one of the popular dogs of the world as it won first place in obedience competitions over time.[1] Despite their name being “Golden”, the first specimens of this genus are actually black; There are golden breed dogs in black color. They are originally used to find and retrieve birds shot on the hunt. They are also common family dogs and are easy to handle. As long as they are fed regularly, exercised and taken to veterinary control, they do not need anything else; but since their hair is long, they should be combed regularly. They typically bark when scared, but their friendliness makes them good watchdogs. Retriever breeds are preferred especially because they get along well with people and are very social; therefore, they can be trained as guide dogs.[2] Their characteristics include being patient, tolerant, and they are friendly dogs with children. The Retriever, which can babysit, is a breed that is also given to the visually impaired as a helping dog. Also the smartest dogs



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