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This hawk can’t understand why this ‘duck’ isn’t afraid of it

This hawk can’t understand why this ‘duck’ isn’t afraid of it
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Animals are really wonderful and often surprise us with the reactions they can have when something does not go as they expect. As in the case of this imposing falcon who does not understand why the “duck” he tries to stalk does not fear for his life by completely challenging his supremacy.

The incredible falcon was looking for its food around, when he ended up completely confused about the duck in front of him, who was actually a very vivid plastic image resting in the grass.

Garybob, a YouTube user , uploaded the video where you can see this surprised falcon who thought he had just won the jackpot when he saw the defenseless duck alone in the grass, who left disappointed when he discovered that it was just a duck. garden ornament


Falcon does not understand why the duck is not afraid of him
Image/ Garybob

In the video you can see how the somewhat confused hawk walks towards the plastic duck and attacks repeatedly without success. The bird begins to walk somewhat confused, trying to scratch it several times, while looking around if there is another potential prey with a little more life.

For a little over two minutes, the falcon tries in vain to overpower the motionless duck, bewildered that he doesn’t get any kind of reaction to his presence and attacks. The video that went viral has quickly reached nearly 2 million views.

puzzled falcon
Image/ Garybob

Finally, the somewhat annoyed hawk decides to abandon his hunt, the inert figure of the duck had won this battle, and the bird, still confused by what happened, decides to fly away and try to forget this incredible defeat.

Hawk doesn't understand why the duck doesn't get scared
Image/ Garybob

But don’t think this is the first time a predator has been tricked in this way. Steve Grimme shared a hilarious video on Facebook of a hawk conspicuously mistaken for a plastic rabbit.

The bird’s reaction is the same; looking and circling, attacks occasionally and is obviously quite confused when the rabbit does not react to attacks.

Falcon and rabbit ornament
Facebook/Steve Grimme

The behavior and reaction of surprise and confusion is actually a universal phenomenon. Animals have a different perception of reality than humans, and their reaction to strange situations for them is very different and quite curious compared to ours.


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