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People find it hard to believe that this animal is really real

People find it hard to believe that this animal is really real
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A particular and chubby amphibian has fascinated many Internet users; its physical appearance and expressive face make it hard for people to believe that this animal is real. Many people have dared to assume that it may be a turtle and others do not seem to agree.

Seeing the photographs of the particular animal we can understand the confusion, and all the speculations that have been generated around the species to which this round amphibian belongs.

Jodi Rowley, biologist and specialist in amphibians, on her Twitter account explained the identity of the now famous animal; revealing the mystery that thousands of Internet users had in front of the images of the adorable creature.


People don't believe this animal is real
Facebook/ Lim Khyhong

Jodi wrote in her Twitter post :

“This frog is making the rounds on social media. It is a blunt-headed burrowing frog (Glyphoglossus molossus). Native to the drier parts of mainland Southeast Asia, this species spends most of its life underground, waiting for rain; it has a great shape for digging and conserving water.”

strange species of amphibian
Facebook/ Lim Khyhong

As Jodi explains, the appearance of this kind of frog; Its round and soft body that undoubtedly make it so striking, is part of a special ability to distract potential threats from the environment and possible enemies.

People believe that this animal is not real
Facebook/ Lim Khyhong

According to the explanation given by Jodi, it is normal for this kind of frog to swell up, acquiring this large size as a defense mechanism to look terrifying and strong against the predators it finds in its habitat. But apparently for people on the Internet it achieved the opposite effect, since many consider her adorable.

A Twitter user wrote:

“Well, I adore our little frog friend.”


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