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Little bird gets little ‘snowshoes’ to walk again

Little bird gets little ‘snowshoes’ to walk again
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A while ago, staff at the California Wildlife Center (CWC) found a small northern mockingbird that had a condition in its legs that prevented it from walking, perching on branches, or even grasping things. The little bird suffered an unknown injury that caused a knot in its legs; Common in young birds. To help him, the wildlife center made something that looked like little snowshoes.

With this design made with cardboard and a bit of adhesive tape, the rescuers sought to straighten the position of the little nightingale’s legs so that they would take the correct position.

As Bored Panda explains , before receiving the little “snowshoes” the little bird had to stand on tiptoe, which further injured its legs.


Little snowshoe bird
Imagen: California Wildlife Center

Duane Tom, a veterinarian at the California Wildlife Center told The Dodo :

“Essentially, we used pieces of cardboard to glue the toes of the paws into their correct position. It usually takes a week or two to use the snowshoes before their legs return to normal.

Thanks to the care of kind-hearted rescuers, the nightingale’s legs were restored to the correct position to allow full mobility and he was able to be released back into the wild.

snowshoe bird
Imagen: California Wildlife Center

So now you know what to do when you find a little northern mockingbird with crooked legs. Take some cardboard and tape, add creativity, and come up with an amazing solution!

You can learn a little more about the refuge and its work on its Facebook page .


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