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Kitten with a ‘frown’ looks like she doesn’t love anyone, but she’s full of love

Kitten with a ‘frown’ looks like she doesn’t love anyone, but she’s full of love
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This kitten named Widget was taken in by the Carroll County Humane Society rescue center in Tennessee, United States. The feline was part of a litter of kittens that had arrived at the shelter when they were around 4-5 weeks old and needed a safe space to thrive.

The kitten was considerably smaller than the rest of her siblings, everything indicated that she had been born with dwarfism, although this did not prevent her from performing all the activities of a kitten of her age.

Michelle Roberts, a foster care volunteer at the shelter, told Love Meow :

“However, there was an obvious difference with her. She was smaller and weighed less than the other cats. She also had that ‘grumpy cat’ face that I’ve noticed on other dwarf cats.”


beautiful white kitten
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When the rescue center asked Michelle if she could take care of the little ones for a while, she was delighted. She remembers that when she first met Widget, the feline gave her a funny disapproving look that caught her attention.

Michelle tells:

“I instantly fell in love with her, even before I met her. Once I saw her in person, I completely fell in love with her ».

Kitten with a frown
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Over the next few weeks, her siblings grew and prospered quite a bit in their foster home, Widget, for her part, took her time and her progress was a bit slower. Of course, his frowning little face became more pronounced, as did his particular cheeky attitude.

The feline enjoyed cuddling on her adoptive mother’s chest and the caresses, although the expression on her face seemed to say otherwise. This peculiarity completely captivated Michelle.

Cat and her adoptive mother
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When her siblings were ready, each one left for their new lives with their definitive families, while Widget stayed with Michelle, who decided to officially apply to make her part of her family.

Michelle remembers:

“Because I was Widget’s foster mom, I was allowed to be first in line to adopt her.”

rescued kitten
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Michelle thinks that the sweet kitten has taken her heart from the first moment they met, and that her angry expression is just a facade, since she is actually a sweet and loving feline at home.

Michelle added:

“The ladies of the Humane Society decided to contact me about Widget because they knew I would love her. They knew I would give her a wonderful home and that they would be getting constant updates on her.”

Frowning Kitten
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Widget is a very expressive cat and has no problem letting her mother know what she wants at the moment.

Michael assures:

“She will let you know exactly how she feels about everything. She’s crazy how that super frowning face can have 50 different emotions in under two minutes.”

Adorable kitten taking a nap
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Despite her diminutive size, this feline is quite active in her daily life, enjoying running and playing around the house, exploring every new place and taking comfortable naps when she needs to.

His adoptive mother says:

“Enjoy a good nap in a sunny spot, followed by a bit of stretching, and then more nap time. He has mastered going up and down the stairs in my apartment. It’s crazy how noisy a dwarf cat can be when going up and down some stairs.”

beautiful fluffy kitten
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There is no doubt that what Widget lacks in size, she makes up for in personality and energy, the feline now enjoys her life as an indoor kitten and all the love her mother has to offer.


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