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Wild doe forms the sweetest friendship with a dog and visits him often

Wild doe forms the sweetest friendship with a dog and visits him often
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A small, but brave doe was first seen by Holly Faulconer one day, while managing to steal the seeds that she left for the birds in the feeders on the other side of her yard fence.

Holly was too charmed by the little girl’s ingenuity, and she often came back, but not for the reasons Holly thought.

Sassafras, as Holly called the wild doe, was now returning for reasons entirely other than feeding. She just wanted to see and “chat” over the fence with her new best friend, Huey the dog.


Holly rescued Huey 9 years ago, and since then, the protective dog hasn’t left her side, so Holly was surprised to see Huey’s interest in making friends with the doe, instead of seeing this one. wild creature as a threat, something he would have done long ago.

rescued huey
Instagram/ hollister_faulconer

Holly told The Dodo :

“Huey was a little confused at first and definitely wary. He just talked to both of them and made sure they both felt safe. Slowly, they started talking about the fence!”

Sassafras continued to return regularly for small talk with his new best friend, sometimes bringing his two sons to visit.

You can watch Huey and Sassafras’ first encounter below:


Holly said:

“It is absolutely adorable. I love to see them.”

Instagram/ hollister_faulconer

Sassafras and Huey may be different species, but the only thing that matters to them is that adorable friendship they found on the other side of the fence. There is no doubt that friendship has no limits.

You can see more of Huey and his new friend’s adventures on Instagram .


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